Spirit Guides Workshop! Sunday, September 29th from 11am-1:30pm


Do you ever feel like you have a guardian angel or team of helpers who guide you through difficult times? 

Would you like to know just who they are an how you can improve your communication with them?

If so, this is the workshop for you!

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have a spiritual support system to help us with any and all of our endeavors in life. In fact, some experts say we can connect to as many as 33 guides at any point in time.

Find out more about your guides, get messages from them, and learn how to connect with them more easily in this 2.5 hour webinar. We’ll spend some time discussing how spirit guides work, and the rest of the class will be a hands-on meditative experience where you’ll get to meet your guides and interact with them to receive guidance with whatever you need.
Your guides are eager to communicate with you and help you on your path, and will be delighted to share this time with you!!
Date: Sunday, September 29, 2013
Time: 11am-1:30pm
Price: $55
Where: In the comfort of your own home via GoToMeeting.com
RSVP: Click Here to sign up through the International School of Clairvoyance. Instructions on how to sign in for the class will follow once you register.

Say Readers...

  • Melissa   

    I tried meeting my spirit guide once, but I had a very difficult time being able to tell if it was truly my spirit guide speaking to me or if it was my thoughts. However, I remember when I met my spirit guide it was a very odd image in my mind. The image in my mind was that I was in the woods and there was a random man there. I don't know if he was my spirit guide, but he was telling me things about my future such as I will have a son and what not.

    missed your course it sounded great!