Something Wicked This Way Comes


I experienced a moment of wickedness today. But for the sake of intuitive stuff, let’s just call it a “bad vibe.” And bad vibe it was, indeed. There was a girl at the gym, the girlfriend of a boy I’ve seen there, and I felt so icky when she was near me, almost kind of repulsed, that I felt awful thinking and feeling that. I noticed her messy hair, her saggy sweatpants that look like she’s wearing a poopy diaper, her ratty sweater, and other things I won’t discuss because you’d think I’m a B-word.
I also recalled that although her boyfriend is courteous and there’s no reason not to like him, I don’t get a good vibe from him, either.
Am I evil? Wicked? Judgmental? God, I hope not.
What I’d like to think is that, well, there’s some icky vibe I’m picking up on. It’s something to note when working on intuition. How do some people make you feel? What’s your impression of individuals when you’re around them? There are people that I meet or even see in passing who make my heart soar, people I like in an instant. Then there are those that give me that icky feeling, ick, blegh.
I wondered if that girl killed puppies, or did other bad things whilst not at the gym. Or, it could be that she’s repulsed by herself, or unhappy with things in general, and it’s so strong that sensitive people can pick up on it. Alls I know is, when I get that icky vibe, it’s best to just STAY AWAY. Just avoid the source of that feeling, and put my attention onto something else. Because if you sit around focusing on that icky feeling, you’re tuning into it, too, and that’s no good.
It’s like psychic “mind your own business.” Good, common sense.