Signs, Signs, Signs!


A lot of people have been asking me about signs lately. They’ll notice a certain sequence of numbers, and then see those numbers everywhere: 444, 555, 11:11, etc. Some people will see butterflies, or messages in billboards, or hear songs on the radio. Sometimes, the messages in these signs are ridiculously clear. Other times, not so much. But generally speaking, signs show up because you’re looking for them. You’re expecting them. And so, you notice them. The interpretation of signs is more personal – that’s up to you – but the fact that you’re noticing signs at all points to an interesting facet of the development of your awareness of the seen and unseen universe around you.

Ivan is a little over a year and a half now, and he’s had this habit of pulling books off the bookshelf since he could stand up to reach them. But not just any books. They tend to be books with a message I need. It’s one of the ways I get signs these days. Yesterday, he pulled the book “Sixth Sense” by Stuart Wilde off the shelf and sat in my client chair pretending to read it (upside down). I thought it was hilarious. And then I flipped a few pages, and realized I never really did read the whole thing from cover to cover. It’s a good book! Stuart Wilde is a lot of fun. And I love this quote, on page 38, about the power of noticing things:
“The mind is lazy. It has trained itself to ignore everything except those things that scare it or please it. By forcing the mind to notice things, you engage it, telling it you want to be aware of life. By stimulating the five senses, you bridge to the extrasensory perception of the subtle body.”
He goes on to discuss the importance of just noticing the world around you and putting a stop to the incessant jabbering of the mind, which is all about “me, me, me” and keeps you trapped in the demands of the ego. How much are you not noticing by being caught up in your thoughts? Stuart suggests just becoming aware of the room you’re in, the street you’re on, the details of the world, without judgement. One of my favorite teachers, Sonia Choquette, has said the same thing. I can hear her voice in my head even now, saying “Pay attention.” 
The more you pay attention, the more your awareness grows. It’s about being here, being present, being mindful. Regardless of whether you’re noticing people walking around you, or the number of license plates that have a “456” in them, you’re taking your mind out of your sense of self and your ego’s perception of reality, and into a deeper, more truthful view of the world around you. You will see more and more signs, and receive more and more guidance.
What signs have you been noticing lately? What do they represent to you?

Say Readers...

  • Sonja   

    Ever since I did a meditation from you that includes an image of a glowing golden sun, I now frequently notice sphere-shaped light fixtures. A glowing ball of light represents love/healing to me, and I feel that when I see that I'm receiving guidance to remember to access that beautiful energy.

  • Krishanti   

    That is pretty amazing – and how beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Willow Woman   

    Thank you for this. You made me realize I've been doing way too much thinking and not enough paying attention!