Sickness, Healing, and Matching Vibes


I just listened to a meditation, and something interesting crossed my mind. The mediation was a healing one, and it reminded me of a series of energy healing sessions I did with someone over the phone last year. As I listened to the meditation, my energy shifted and I matched the vibration of what the guy was talking about. It wasn’t anything super profound; in fact, it was blissfully simple.

Regardless of that, the clearing effect was great. It made me wonder just how helpful and/or necessary it was to work with the person last year. I didn’t decide that yet, the thought just floated through my mind. Now that I think about it, I think it was great to work with the healer, and there was a reason for it. But I also think there are times when guided meditations work just as well as energy healings do. The point is to get your energy field (and mind, and body) to accept a shift in vibration. And whether that happens through a live session or through a meditation doesn’t really matter, as long as it happens.

Sickness is always about an imbalance in the body, which usually begins on an energy level before it affects the human body. So if we can sense that something is off, and then match our vibes to a frequency of wellness, or something more uplifting, we can start the healing process.

It’s hard to do just do a healing on yourself, all by yourself. It’s certainly not impossible, but it takes a focused effort and level of concentration. If you have doubt or fear about what you’re doing, you might block yourself from letting the healing take place. That’s why it’s great to work with someone, or to listen to meditations that you can do over and over and over again, to raise your vibration and get healed.

Know that as you’re experiencing an energy healing session or listening to a healing meditation, you just want to be able to will your mind, body, and energy field to get to a higher vibration, and that’s when the real healing takes place. If you set it up so that you simply KNOW and BELIEVE that you are being healed, it will help exponentially.

It’s OK to just decide when you feel you’re drawn to something or need something. If there’s a period of time in your life when you benefit from working with energy healers, that’s great. If another time comes when you feel like meditations are better for you, that’s great too. There aren’t any rules, and the more flexible and adaptable you are, the easier and more fun the whole process is.

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