One could describe me as “highly sensitive.” It helps when doing readings, but it’s not so easy to live with in the real world. I was super self-conscious as a kid, and my home life just made me feel more worried/on edge all the time (that whole hyper-vigilant thing). But I didn’t see it as a big issue until I started working and a boss told me that I needed to work on hiding how I felt, because it put a crack in my professional veneer. I’m sure she was right! That’s one of my problems; I’m so obvious about being happy or sad, grumpy or angry, that I can’t hide how I feel; for example, I can’t pretend to be calm when I’m really pissed off.

One of the coolest things I learned when I first started out with this whole intuitive world was that people who are highly sensitive often inadvertently channel or feel the emotions of people around them. There are entire psychological books about this – one aptly titled “The Highly Sensitive Person.” Try reading that at the gym or a crowded cafe.

With this information in hand, I really started to pay attention to my own feelings and emotions, and note when someone around me (at work especially) was in a bad mood, and how it affected me. I’m still working on building an energetic boundary around myself so I don’t absorb all the energy around me and start to feel cranky. It’s hard in a city like LA, where we’re all jam packed in together like a can of sardines, but it is possible – it just takes a lot of work.

So, next time you start your day in a great mood, but start to feel “off” when you join the company of others, think about whether or not you’re channeling their emotions without knowing it. If you think you are, try getting some space away from them, take a few deep breaths, and re-ground yourself. They say salt scrubs are a great way to wash off negative energy from others, so maybe try and do that when you get home. I’ve tried it myself when I feel like I’ve picked up some particularly bad mojo, and I like to think it helps, though I can’t be 100% certain. In any event, just building up your own energy field by focusing on strengthening your aura can be really helpful.

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  • Terms of Affection   

    All I want to do is day dream by retreating into my own world.

  • K.   

    It's so nice to day dream. And our intuitive side comes out more when we use our imagination in our own worlds, it really does!
    When I was little, I would pretend to be Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia.