Sacred Space


As I sit here today with yet another big decision on my mind (people pay me to help them out with issues like this, but it’s still hard as hell for me to do it for myself), I’m reminded of how important having sacred space is.
Being intuitive means checking in with yourself and being aware of what’s going on around you at all times. It is very hard to be intuitive in the midst of a bunch of hullaballoo, so therefore it is imperative to have a sacred space to retreat to in order to check in with yourself and feel safe and comfortable. If you’re really keen on being psychic, beautify your sacred space with gorgeous art, beautiful fabrics and carpets, sacred objects that mean something to you, candles, a crystal ball even, or a bell. Sit in a comfortable chair in your sacred space. Feel at home. Light incense to create a mood. It’s nice if your sacred space can be yours only (ie you’re the only one who can go there), but that’s not always possible. I share my sacred space with my husband and two cats, but when I go there for sacred time, only the cats are allowed in.
Own your space. You can get witchy with it by casting a circle, either imaginary, or with salt, or little candles. I call that witchy but really it’s just a powerful way to create a space that seems more magical, because you made a circle to sit in and you probably don’t go around doing that in your everyday life.
There are lots of techniques you can do to actually ground a space, and fill it with your own energy to make it yours. Basically you just visualize doing that – ground all the negative energy out, and imagine your aura filling up the whole space. Oh, that’s powerful.
I am going to go into my sacred space now. I’m in a quandary about big life questions, so I’m going to light some incense, petition the universe to help me, beg for spirit guides to come through with guidance, and maybe cry a little. Hey, why not.

Say Readers...

  • Charlene   

    You are too funny! Love your sense of humor. I know your dilemma and I live it every day… thank goddess for ear buds, where I can tune out and tune in. We must chat soon! I manifested you… yes, I'm taking full credit. I think we'll be good mirrors for one another.

  • Krishanti   

    Thank you so much! I can't wait to talk to another wonderful fellow intuitive. We need to stick together!