Russian Plane Crash


This is the part of psychic/intuitive awareness that I can’t wrap my head around. Last week – not this past week, but the week before, my friend came to visit. I picked her up at the airport, and that night I dreamed that we were leaving the airport but turned around just in time to see a BIG RUSSIAN plane crash into the ground, while landing. It kind of hit the ground in a perpendicular way and we were shocked and horrified to witness it. In the dream, there was a press conference with official people talking about the tragedy. The dream had such an impact on me that I told her all about it the next morning, and vowed to keep an eye out for any possible Russian plane crashes.

And then came yesterday, and this news.

I’m shocked and mystified and I just don’t get why I would dream about this over a week in advance. I dreamed about that big earthquake in Italy the same night it happened, and that confused me, too. I’ve had lots of other intuitive dreams, from the mundane to the not-so-mundane, but this plane crash thing was just so SPECIFIC – I mean come on. RUSSIAN. Crashed while approaching the airport. COME ON. This is insane.

I know that the time-space continuum isn’t quite what we understand it to be…but I am dying for an answer. It’s not like I could have prevented the plane crash, or like I know any of the high-ranking Polish diplomats who were on the plane, or like I could have warned anyone, it’s not like I knew what country the plane was flying through per se, just that it was Russian…so why, other than to make me think, and wonder, and get really confused and not have a definite answer.

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    I wonder about this sort of thing a lot too. I had a dream once about a famous person committing suicide before they did it, and I don't understand what I was supposed to do with that information, if anything. I certainly couldn't have stopped it. I wonder if it is just a reminder to me, or proof, that we're all connected in ways that we don't understand.