Relationships: When Your EGO wants one but Your SPIRIT Doesn’t.


I hope you’re getting through the week OK and are processing and channeling out all the energy and emotions swirling around the noosphere. If you want me to talk more about that I will – just email me what you need and I can make a video:

But for today, I figured I’d mention something interesting about when the ego wants something the spirit didn’t necessarily intend to have happen in this lifetime. So with that…

The NUMBER ONE topic that comes up in sessions is about relationships.

And one common theme about relationships is regarding women (95% of the people I work with are women so it makes sense) who have had trouble coupling or manifesting a husband.

From a “here on earth” level it makes perfect sense. Who doesn’t want a Happily Ever After? Dating has never been easy, and now it seems even harder what with texting and crazy dating apps and no accountability whatsoever.

But from an Akashic Records point of view, something altogether different is happening. It’s about experiencing complete liberation and freedom that women have never been able to have in the HISTORY OF THE PLANET. EVER.

So if you’re having a hard time, just sit with the idea of this. And if it rings true for you, you can begin to do inner work to release karmic patterns of having been restricted, trapped in bad marriages, and whatever else might have happened in past lifetimes. You can shift your vibration and acknowledge that you are now changing the pattern and carving a new path that allows you to co-create the life you want to have with the kind of partner you’d like to share it with.

And you can make it happen, because remember – YOU ARE LIMITLESS.