As an Intuitive Consultant, I constantly see evidence that our souls return to life again and again. There are some really incredible books that address the topic: my favorites are “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss, “Children Who Remember Past Lives: A Question of Reincarnation” by Ian Stevenson, and “Life before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives” by Dr. Jim Tucker.

I recently saw Dr. Brian Weiss at a day-long workshop presented by Hay House in Los Angeles with over 800 people in attendance. It was incredible; he is a brilliant, witty, highly spiritual and humble being, and he spoke about his experiences and led us through several very powerful past life regressions. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend it.

One of the services I offer is Past Life readings, and I’m honored to get to share that experience with people. The funny thing about past life readings is that, while you can’t always go back and verify whether or not, for instance, you were a priestess in ancient Egypt, things almost always come up that resonate with people. I recently did a reading for a wonderful, beautiful young woman who had been an acrobat in a circus in a past life. It seemed that she was not able to speak. While not flying through the air or walking a tightrope, she spent many happy hours outdoors, alone, in nature. I also saw her in another life as a widow in a black dress, looking sadly and longingly out of a window. At the end of the reading (we saw about 6 other fascinating lives), she told me that she loves to take vows of silence and has often done so at various periods of her life, and that she really treasures her alone time. She also noted that as a child, she would play this game where she’d pretend she was a widow, that her husband had left her, abandoned and all alone. She’d get so into it that she would actually become quite over-wrought! The other lives resonated as well on many different levels.

Another client, a very precious, soft-spoken little elfin girl, was incredibly depressed, and had been so her entire life. I connected to her energy field and asked for the reason why – to see if it was a chemical imbalance, a traumatic childhood event, or something to that effect. The first thing I saw was an image of her as a beleaguered old man, pining away in a horrible prison cell, alone, distraught, and painfully heart broken. I described this to her, and she gasped; she’d actually drawn images of the prison that I described over and over again as a child. She also confessed that she has spent most of her life feeling as though her heart had been broken. The reading helped explain the root of her condition; she’d been born into this life with some very powerful, terrible memories from the previous one.

My own past life experiences have led me to discover a myriad of things about my true essence, my spirit.  I learned about these lives through readings I received and through Dr. Weiss’s hypnotic regressions (both at workshops and on his CDs).  I’ve been in India countless times, in Greece, which makes sense, because I knew Athens like the back of my hand the first time I went, and in France, which is another country that I love like home. While we do have to spend time focusing on our lessons in this life, knowing where we’ve come from is like holding a precious treasure map of previous life experiences; where we lived, who we shared our lives with, and what lessons we learned.

If you’re interested in discovering more about your soul’s evolution throughout the ages, check out the books I mentioned above…they are proof positive that past lives really do exist. And if you’re interested in delving in further, book a past life reading today, either here or at the House of Intuition, where I work on Wednesdays and Fridays!