Reading of a Lifetime


I started working on intuitive development because it was so amazing and exciting… the idea that I could sense things, help myself to make decisions that would be good for me, be psychic – it was just incredible. Then, the idea that I could actually do readings for others became a possibility and that was astounding. Not everyone wants to do readings for other people, and there are lots of days when I don’t know if it’s such a great thing. People can be mean, judgmental, and thick headed. Why would I want to put myself out there to be criticized for not “seeing” something, or not picking something up, or telling someone the wrong thing or something they don’t want to hear?

Some readings are very down to earth and practical: clients ask for specific details about their lives, and I answer those questions as best I can and hope I’m able to be of service.

Other readings, however, are so magical and charged with energy that it’s unbelievable, the stuff that comes through – information about past lives, soaring through different universes, filled with details, otherworldly beautiful things that move us both to tears and amazement. Without a doubt, those readings are the most profound and transformational. I wish that every reading would be that way, but perhaps it’s best that they are not, so that these are ever more precious.

I did just such a reading yesterday, for one of my aunts. Maybe it was so great because I know her, because she is my aunt; or maybe it was so great because she was open, and extremely intuitive and magical herself. Over an hour passed without us even knowing it, and the information just flowed like a river. I was so grateful to be able to share the moment together with her, to know so much, to transcend our lives – we were communing with her very soul, majestic and wise beyond comprehension. It was as though we were wandering through the experience together, both delighted and amazed at what we were experiencing. We touched an essence so much bigger than everyday life. It’s these types of readings that I live for. There is no possible way to accurately describe how they can make us feel.