Raising Your Vibration


When I was first developing my intuition, I discovered that I have a knack for what I jokingly refer to as “book divination.” It’s as if certain books call out to me, and when I open them, I find something important I need to know, or something that helps me understand what I’m going through at any given time. Recently, I’ve had this urge to read “Spiritual Growth” by Sanaya Roman. I opened it to Chapter 8, which is entitled “Raising your Vibration,” and found it so fitting for what I, and many of my friends, family, and clients are going through right now, that I wanted to quote some of that chapter here:

“You attract things and people of a similar vibration. Because everything in your universe has a vibration, the rate of your vibration determines the people, events, circumstances, and objects you draw to yourself. Loving others, then, is really a gift to yourself – for as you love them you raise your vibration and thus attract better things.
Raising your vibration changes your relationship to everything. Since your personal objects are attracted to your vibration, when you change your vibration you may go through periods of selling things, losing things, or buying new things. You may look in your closet and decide none of your clothes feel right any more and you want new ones. You may move to a new home or city. 
Your increased vibration also changes your self-image. As you change your identity, you may lose those things that symbolize old parts of your personality. For instance, if you lose your wallet, you may be letting go of the identity symbolized by your driver’s license or other cards you carry.
You may also go through periods when things around you break down. Electrical appliances are particularly susceptible to changes in your vibration, as the rate of your vibration affects your electromagnetic energy field. You may have several electrical items break down at the same time. You can end this pattern of things breaking down by establishing new connections to all of your objects. Just imagine you are connecting with them as you do when you first buy things – play with them, admire them, or handle them with love. You can walk into a room and imagine you are sending lines of light to all your objects, reconnecting with them at your new, higher level.
Your higher vibration shifts the energy around you. When you bring your energy to as high a note as you can, you set the vibratory tone for the surrounding environment. Others cannot help but pick it up. Think of a time when you were around a person who was very loving, peaceful, and focused, You probably felt more loving, peaceful, and focused yourself. 
Your higher self exists in a state of love. Every time you are loving, kind, forgiving, and compassionate to yourself and others, you are being your Higher Self. Learn to love everything in your life – every feeling, thought, and action you take. Think of yourself as a beautiful, loving person, doing the best you know how to grow and evolve.”
If you’re searching for guidance and are looking for ways to change your life and accelerate your spiritual growth, I highly recommend this book. It presents this profound, deep information in a simple, easy-to-follow format. In fact, all of Sanaya Roman’s books are amazing. For more info, check out the website at www.orindaben.com. 

Say Readers...

  • TheatreWoman   

    This is such a great reminder of the power of positive and loving energy. I can get to that loving and "high self" place, but I just can't stay there… I am going to check out this book. I appreciate the reminder that it is really good for everyone to focus on happiness.

  • Krishanti   

    Hi TheatreWoman. It's really hard to stay in that "high self" place 24/7. Maybe if we all lived in a beautiful monastery or paradise. I suppose that's why we have what Esther and Jerry Hicks call "the contrast." The trials of our everyday lives keeps us on our toes and helps us remember to strive for that loving place.

  • Kristine Noel   

    I am reading a book right now called "Frequency" by Penney Peirce – very similar idea – really great and makes so much sense.

  • Carolyn Elmsford   

    Frequency is a good book – I've read alot of it. I love this post – I'm having a really bad day, and I felt more peaceful and loving, just reading this!! Thank you.