Psychic Protection and Coping Techniques for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People: Live Online Workshop


Date: Sunday, April 28
Time: 11am-1pm PST
Place: Online!

Are you sick and tired of being empathic? Are you extra-sensitive to the vibration of certain people and places? Do your emotions swing all over the place for no apparent reason, or do you ever start to feel overwhelmed, drained, run-down, weirded out, or bombarded by energies in different places or spaces?

If so, this is the class for you. We’ll work on specific protectional shielding, strengthening, and clearing tips and techniques that will help you get grounded, centered, and back to your own vibration.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • An easy method for discerning just what it is you’re picking up empathically 
  • 3 Uber-powerful energy exercises to strengthen your vibration and bullet-proof your aura
  • An ancient rite that will protect and clear any space you’re occupying 
  • Why the simple “shield” technique doesn’t always do the trick
  • How to ground a room so your energy isn’t compromised 
  • How to stop energetic leakage
  • A life-boosting energetic clearing exercise that will help you strengthen and re-claim your energy 
  • Simple, yet incredibly effective techniques to cleanse, clear, and re-claim your vibration on an as-need basis
Don’t let overactive empathy run your life for you – take charge of your vibration and learn to work with it!

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013
Time: 11am-1pm PST
Place: Online!
Price: $40
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