Predicting the Future


One of my clients just found a beautiful new apartment by the beach, light and bright, with two great roommates, just as I predicted she would in a reading about six months ago. I’m so happy for her. Moving here will shift her energy and open doors to the life she wants. It will be a great move.

I used to think that accurately predicting the future was this big, amazing, incredible power that only certain people had. Guess what? It’s not that much of an enigma! If I can do it, anyone can!

Once you do all the meditative techniques I’ve talked about that I learned from Debra Lynn Katz, and get into the center of your head and look out at your little screen and all that, you just visualize the future. You project out and take a peek at what might happen. You can ask yourself things like “Show me where I’ll be eating dinner tonight” and see a sign for a restaurant, or a plate that a certain restaurant serves. Or you can ask “What will my future husband look like?” and see a tall man with dark hair and a nice smile. Just be easy with it and take note of everything you see, because it ALL counts, every single thing, from a spinning wheel to a scoop of ice cream. It takes concentration, but it can be a lot of fun. I don’t always do it with myself, because I kind of like to just live life the way I’m living it, if that makes sense. But there are always situations when a little peek into the future can be very helpful.

Also, remember, the future isn’t set it stone. I recently got a reading from one of Debra’s students. She peeked into the future to see the results of my taking a certain job. I was so angry and upset by what she saw (and I knew she was right), that I decided to turn the job down. So THERE! I changed the future.