Praise for Krishanti’s Courses & Programs

“Krishanti’s 28 day Get Him Off Your Mind course changed my life; truly and deeply. I can’t thank her enough.”


“Krishanti’s Get Him Off Your Mind course was a life saver. I have tried everything: cord cutting procedures, writing down affirmations and TONS of energy work. I even discovered this person was in a past life and did everything to release the old karma. I KNEW the issued centered on me and my perspective, and I tried everything to change that perspective. But nothing worked. As a last ditch effort I tried Krishanti’s course. And her guided meditations did the trick! Finally, I realized the change I was seeking.”


“I can’t thank Krishanti enough. Her Get Him Off Your Mind course was a miracle.”


I reviewed the entire Get Him Off Your Mind course content start to finish (that’s not really the way to use the course, but I just wanted to get a feel for it). Regardless, I was AMAZED! I love the meditations and visuals. I love the emphasis on the fact that we are okay the way we are… it is not a rejection of who we are. I am looking forward to starting over and working the program day by day.”


“I recently started the reinventing yourself course on DailyOM and wanted to tell you I love the work you’re doing!”


“Krishanti guides her clients with love and compassion. If you want to develop your clairvoyance and intuition, I highly recommend that you work with her as your personal coach. She can help you to break through your blockages so that you can wake up your psychic abilities, and she teaches incredibly valuable tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Working one-on-one is the best way to go, and Krishanti is the best teacher for this. Her work is a gift from Heaven!”

Marjetka Novak |

Slovenia’s leading Angel Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher and Spiritual Consultant

“I decided to take Krishanti’s One-on-One Professional Intuitive Development Program because I wanted to improve my intuitive skills, with the goal of becoming an intuitive psychic reader. As it happens, however, I got so much more out of the course and my interaction with Krishanti than I ever could have imagined! With her kindness, patience, empathy and amazing intuitive skills, Krishanti guided me though one of the most important spiritual journeys of my life. In this incredible course, Krishanti taught me a variety of energy healing techniques, and how to develop and access my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and remote viewing skills. The course also gave me the chance to conduct live readings with real clients with Krishanti there to support me every step of the way, gently encouraging me forward if I began to feel self-conscious or overwhelmed by the images I saw in the reading; Krishanti is an amazing teacher and guide. Krishanti also gave me several intuitive readings, all with great accuracy and insights, in addition to powerful energy clearings and healings. I am now a practicing intuitive consultant, and Krishanti is definitely the person I deeply thank for that.”

Laurent P.

Spiritual Life Coach

“I first discovered Krishanti when I visited her as a client for an intuitive reading. Her intuitive abilities were totally amazing – she was spot on, and I ended up getting many more readings from her. I was so intrigued by her unique process of tapping in to psychic information that I couldn’t resist signing up for her intensive One-on-One Professional Intuitive Development Program to help develop my own clairvoyance abilities. Not only is Krishanti incredibly talented, she’s a kind and compassionate teacher. She patiently led me through the development process, paying particular attention to the areas where I needed extra help, especially in grounding myself to better channel my innate clairvoyant abilities. One of the best parts of Krishanti’s course was having the opportunity to give real clients actual readings, which she arranged. Krishanti guided me through each reading, always encouraging me to trust my instincts in describing to the client the images and sensations a reading revealed. I can’t imagine the learning process would have been the meaningful or valuable to me with any other teacher. I highly recommend Krishanti as both a teacher and an intuitive reader!”

Rachel Secler |

Reiki Master and Psychic Surgeon

“I took Krishanti’s one-on-one professional program in the spring of 2014. To say it was life-changing would be an understatement.

Personally, there was great trepidation exploring this part of the unknown- both internally and externally- and Krishanti held my hand every step of the way with patience, grace, and compassion. I always felt like I was intuitive but had no idea what that meant- and Krishanti showed me. Indeed, all of us have psychic ability, and Krishanti showed me how to tap into it. By the end of the 8 weeks I was performing readings for others and hope to start practicing as a “professional” in the near future. If you’re thinking about taking the course, just do it.”

Joshua K.

“If you are on the spiritual path, or you are seeking enlightenment or the deeper meaning of life, Krishanti is the person to go to. She is amazing, and works on a higher spiritual level. Krishanti is not a psychic, she is a person who learned how to become psychic. She teaches people how to do it. I was so impressed and deeply moved by my session with her that I enrolled in her professional one-on-one psychic development program. I’ve already done readings for other people, and with Krishanti’s amazing instruction and patience, I am shocked at the psychic information I’ve received.

When it comes down to it, it’s about spiritual growth and healing! We are all capable of doing such amazing things and I’m so thankful for her guidance! Thank you so much Krishanti!!!”

Robert Edison

Praise for Krishanti’s Private Sessions

“Krishanti got right to the core of my concerns with real insight. I’m amazed at how accurate my session was. Her communication style really helped me to see my situation from a new perspective, and revealed things to me that I was actually hiding from myself.”

Rebecca U.

“Krishanti has an amazing gift and if you are drawn to work with her – DO IT. I first went to Krishanti because I was seeking help for my dog. Our vet was suggesting surgery, but I knew in my heart the procedure they were recommending was not the answer. Krishanti helped me understand how my dog was really feeling and confirmed that my own intuition about how to handle his treatment was correct. She was so spot-on with my dog, that when I needed guidance for myself while navigating a personal hardship, I reached out to her again. I can’t say enough about how much of an amazing intuitive gift she has. After just one session with her, I felt guided, guarded, and protected again. I knew what I needed to do and felt “whole” again. Krishanti has a wonderful, uplifting energy and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Joanna A.

“The first reading I had with Krishanti blew me away. Krishanti’s vibe is really great. I could feel her compassion and sincerity: it put me at ease almost immediately. The reading itself was totally dead-on. Krishanti has this keen ability to tap into my subconscious. She was able to clarify and validate my feelings about an issue I have long been struggling with. With Krishanti’s help and intuition, I was able to make some important decisions in my life with confidence. I am forever grateful!

Delhia G.

“Krishanti started out as one of my private students and has turned into one of the few clairvoyant readers that I seek out when I’m in need of guidance, clarity and healing. She is highly professional and caring at the same time and the images and messages that come to her are relevant and accurate and have a transformational effect. A reading from her is a real treat!”

Debra Lynne K.

Author, Director of the International School of Clairvoyance

“Krishanti told me I’d go out with a good looking blonde who would turn out to be cocky. And then meet someone who was dark. Dark eyes, dark hair, darker skin. And that he’d feel like a comfortable fireplace, or like home. And that he’d say things that would make me look at things more positively and differently.

I met the blonde guy. He was very cocky and attractive (nearly a carbon copy of my ex-boyfriend). Then I met the second guy. He’s exactly as Krishanti described. And when I’m feeling frustrated or being too pessimistic, he gives me a new, brighter perspective on whatever is bothering me.

Bottom line is Krishanti is VERY accurate – she has a gift. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Nina S.

“Krishanti is a top-notch intuitive who really zeroes in on the important stuff. Her insights are amazing and she has a gentle, yet matter-of-fact presence that assures you she knows what she’s talking about. I’ve had several readings with Krishanti and found her future predictions to be entirely accurate. Her present awareness is right on the mark, too. I’ve been to many psychics and was often disappointed when they tended to go off on tangents and spent too much time on things I wasn’t interested in. Krishanti, on the other hand, is focused and accurate, which makes her the best I’ve ever seen. She answers your questions and gives you what you came for. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants a truly accurate and sensitive reading by a gifted intuitive.”

Jeannette M.

“Krishanti is amazing. She truly has a gift. When she “saw” my life; she completely “knew” the people in my life. It was incredible. I immediately knew she was the real thing. She was able to give me insight that helped me make important choices. She is very descriptive in what she sees, in visual terms, which was stunning and very helpful.”

Carolyn R.

“Krishanti has supported me through a divorce, family illness, and a move. Her intuition and forecasts have made these three big life changes much easier to cope with and navigate through. Specifically, she knew my ex-husband’s ulterior motives, feelings he was hiding from me, and offered me practical advice on how to approach him. After an amazing session with Krishanti I called my ex and for the first time he became quiet and acknowledged “you are right” regarding his feelings. It was a breakthrough moment that wouldn’t have been possible without her insight. She also predicted my future housemate down to her gender, school affiliation, race, and personality. It was extraordinary! I have recommended her services to family and friends, and they have done the same after their readings.”

Clare B.

“Krishanti recently helped me navigate a life-changing decision I was forced make. Her insightful portrayal of the choices that were before me helped break down the emotional barriers that were preventing me from making an honest assessment of the options that I had in front of me. Earlier this year, Krishanti also helped me find my wedding ring that was missing for months. It was almost magical how she could visualize exactly where it was, over the phone; she told me to check under my bed, where I’d searched before – but I looked again, on her suggestion, and there it was!”

Priva M.

“Krishanti’s insights are so accurate – it’s amazing! She always knows the best course of action for me to move me past my fears and inhibitions. And I really appreciate her reading style – practical, grounded and filled with useful information. But most of all, I love her personality! She has a way of making everyone feel special. She is a bright light in this world and we are lucky to have her!”

Charlene M.

“YES! You must go see Krishanti. A friend of a friend referred me when I was visiting LA a year ago — and it was maybe my favorite reading ever. I was born and raised in NYC without yoga, tofu or any sense of spirituality. But slowly I’ve been testing the waters – and Krishanti makes it easier to not only believe but also belong. You really must see her!”

Tyler C.

“I have to thank Krishanti from the bottom of my heart for the incredible reading she gave me. I am in awe of her accuracy. The guidance and the clarity she gave me was nothing short of incredible. I am eternally grateful and cannot even begin to describe the peace I feel inside.”

Nukhet H.

Intuitive and Life Design Coach

“I visited Krishanti the morning after my boyfriend and I broke up. Obviously I have a long way to go, but just sitting with her was an incredibly powerful experience. I’ve always felt like I’ve been protected by good people my whole life but meeting Krishanti was an affirmation that I am truly surrounded by angels and good spirits. I feel blessed to have found her and can’t thank her enough!”

Helen H.

“I’ve had two readings with Krishanti. Both times she gave me information that was later confirmed by events or confidential sources. Honestly, she told me things no one could know, including myself. All I can say is that her gifts are really amazing and are only matched by her deep sensitivity and compassion. When you have a reading with Krishanti you can feel that she is connecting to you. She is straightforward, honest and very real. I highly recommend seeing Krishanti.”

Michele A.

“Went to see Krishanti with questions and doubts about the upcoming events in my life…
Her reading was bliss. At the time, it made my heart lighter, I became hopeful again! I recorded our session, and almost a year later, I am amazed. She described the person I was going to meet, how I was going to meet them, and even when we would meet. When it happened, out of disbelief, I listened to our session again. I am still in shock of how accurate her insights proved to be. Everything she mentioned about him, all the details were confirmed! Today, my heart is at peace … I am looking forward to all the other beautiful visions Krishanti had about this matter and other areas of my life. Her gift is simply unbelievable and amazing!!! Krishanti is a blessing.”


“Well when I saw Krishanti three and a half years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be exactly where she described. I know things can change. And to be honest, when I first heard her predictions, I never they any of it could come true. Well, was I completely wrong and she was right…not only did I marry the man she described, but I am now pregnant with our first child and on Friday we found out we’re having a girl!”

Vivian N.

“Krishanti pinpointed right away that I have lived in the Montmartre area of Paris in past life. And all the sudden everything made sense…. I love everything French. I studied the language in school and recently started practicing it again. I wasn’t born there and have no relatives from France, yet there’s a part of me that thinks of myself as a French person. On a recent trip to Paris, I kept having this urge to go back to Montmarte, specially the Sacre Coeur – I went 3 times! Even though I was just visiting Paris, I felt like I belonged there. Each time I walked to the top of the hill in Montmartre and looked down — I felt like I was home. I started saying I was moving to Paris. Just being there enveloped me in a sense of pure euphoria. And Krishanti totally called it!”


“Thank you Krishanti for helping me, my friends, and family obtain clarity!  We all rave about how therapeutic, calming, and helpful you’ve been in difficult times.”