Pitfalls of Doing Readings for Others


I had a terrible, terrible moment yesterday. A friend I recently gave a reading to admitted that he didn’t get much out of it! That really bothered me, to the point where I started to wonder whether or not I should be trying to do this professionally. I was awake from 2:30 to 4:30am last night worrying about it. Am I trying to do something I suck at? Maybe I should just give it up and go back to a career in marketing. After all, I don’t want to make myself an outcast. If the majority of the world thinks psychics are kooks, why would I want to join that group, and then be a sucky psychic at that?!? NO THANKS!

I guess that’s the problem with doing readings and expecting feedback. You get the good and the bad, and if you don’t think the world of yourself all the time, the bad can really get you down and make you wonder if you’re full of it!

I told my husband about it this morning, and he told me that athletes like A-Rod and Michael Jordan don’t play a perfect game every time, it’s the overall average that makes them great. That really helped…that, and the countless good feedback I’ve received over the years, which he kindly reminded me of as I put my head on his shoulder and cried.

I mean, just this week I told my friend that the guy she just started dating would call her on Tuesday night, and he did. He didn’t ask her out on a date, which drove her insane, but I told her he’d call her at the last minute for a date on Friday. And he did. Maybe the readings are better for my friend because I know we’re on equal playing ground. We do readings for each other, and if we’re right, we celebrate and praise each other to no end. If we’re off, no big deal…the stakes aren’t that high and it’s all in good fun. I’ve only been doing readings for a few years now, and I’m still getting the hang of it all. But I do think that carefree and trusting environment you create with intuitive friends helps a lot, and allows the information to flow more easily.

That’s my two cents for the day.

Say Readers...

  • K.   

    Pet readings are easy and fun. The best one I did was for a little chihuahua who was missing a particular toy. Turns out the house had been fumigated and the toy was in the trunk of the car, safe from the toxins but out of the dog's reach. So after the reading, his owner found the toy and gave it back to him. Methinks he was very happy!