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Two-Year Old Toddler Smokes Cigarettes – Watch more Funny Videos

When you get into the intuitive/psychic world, a lot of “out there” ideas become more like ordinary reality. Among those ideas, for me, is the belief in reincarnation. I believe we’re all souls that are born and reborn into life after life in this world. I’ve done many past life readings that make complete sense to me and my clients. Exploring past lives is great fun (although not all of our past lives were fun!). You’ll often find that different intuitives will see the same lives for you, or threads of the same theme.
I recently read a book called “Children Who Remember Past Lives: A Question of Reincarnation” by Ian Stevenson. Basically, these kids are born with memories you’d have no idea they’d have, speaking languages there’s no way they could know, with habits similar to that of a grownup,with scars eerily similar to those of another who just died.
This video of the smoking baby is, of course, shocking and bad and all that, but I can’t help but assume this little tyke smoked in a past life. It’s so natural to him…like a habit he never kicked. Just something to think about.
There are some awesome books that focus on past lives. Some of the best are by Brian Weiss. The Rhine Research Center focuses on gathering evidence to prove the theory of reincarnation.

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  • Design Expertise   

    Aaahh… another victim of the Tobacco industries marketing machine. Who knew marketing geared toward children would actually reach toddlers!?! Those guys are my HEROS!!!

    No doubt he's into Menthols. I wonder what brand he favors? Prolly Kools or Newports.

    50 Cent Loves Gossip Girl

  • R   

    That's pretty funny. He's such a ham. I like when he twirls it around and then when he makes the funny faces.