Now I’m a Believer!


I have always been a little skeptical of Spirit Guides. I mean, are they REALLY real? When I do readings for people who ask about guides, something always comes through and it feels pretty real, but I’ve always just kind of pushed that to the back of my mind.
Until today.
I’m not going to go into a whole long diatribe about MEN and ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT and CORDS and WIRES. Just suffice it to say that my husband’s den is a scary, confusing, dangerous-looking mess of cords all over the place, plugged into extension cords with dozens of outlets, into which are plugged cords for phones, computers, electrical keyboards, cords for the internet thing, for the fax, for big old headphones, for sound mixers and musical things, and for all kinds of other non-battery-operated equipment.
Yesterday a man came to switch our cable to something better and less expensive. That involved drilling big ass holes into our balcony, into the wall of the living room, some cinder blocks on the roof, and – you guessed it – a MASS OF MORE BIG OLD NASTY CORDS, only in the living room for everyone to see.
I had managed a while back to bundle up all the cords for the tv, dvd player, vcr, sirius satellite radio, stereo, and phone, and god knows what else, into a nice hidden (albeit ugly and tangled) mess behind the entertainment center. There was no way I could make it all nice and neat but at least it was hidden. And now, with this new cable, all that had to come undone and then added to with bigger, thicker, longer cords and wires, and some boxy-looking gadgets, too.
I was so irritated. I just can’t stand seeing a mess of tangled up wires; they’re messy and ugly and you never see exposed cords and wires in nice places. They’re meant to be hidden, discreet. I tried to fix them, to bundle up the miles and miles of big and thick, long and thin and wiry, stupid cords together and hide them again. But I couldn’t. There were too many now.
There were so many other things I’d rather be doing..things I needed to get done…and I began to get desperate. My back hurt. I looked at the clock – it was 2:44 – and said “Spirit Guides, if you really are there, PLEASE help me bundle up and hide these godforsaken hideous cords in the next ten minutes.”
Call me weird, but somehow, it worked. I managed to get them all hidden and shoved out of sight by 2:54.
Now THAT was a miracle. Maybe it was just believing that the help would come through that did it, or maybe it really was divine assistance. But the most important thing is, it worked, and I am so grateful.
If guides can help with such a mundane (albeit irritating) task as hiding unsightly hideous cords, imagine what other things we could get assistance with! I’m looking forward to this – and I’ll report the results.
If you have any spirit guided stories, please post or email them!

Say Readers...

  • Charlene   

    I'm big on spirit guides. I ask them to guide every reading I give! My first experience with guides came a few years ago when I misplaced my house keys. Typically, I would have torn the house apart looking for them, but this time I got real quiet, closed my eyes and asked my spirit guides to show me my keys. Within a few seconds, I walked over to my coat, hanging on the coat rack, inserted my hand into a pocket, and VIOLA! I had my keys. I knew this was different because I did not "think" or retrace my steps… I was simply led. My guides help me out with this type of stuff all the time! I've been calling on them more to protect me as I ride my bike to work in Hollywood! I'm still here 🙂 THAT is a miracle!