My Top 10 Universal-Spiritual Revelations


In the sessions I do, we cover everything that’s on your mind – there’s no question too mundane or too extraordinary. But first and foremost, I am a practitioner of Spiritual Growth, and my expertise excels in areas of spiritual exploration and soul growth over a period of lifetimes. With literally thousands of readings under my belt – an experience that’s given me a front row seat viewing into countless souls and their many lives – you wouldn’t believe the wonders I’ve tapped into!

Here’s just a taste of the Top 10 Most Amazing Spiritual Revelations I’ve witnessed in my practice:

1. Everyone’s spirit reincarnates.

In fact, who you are today has a lot to do with who you’ve been in the past…the deep, deep past.The things you loved most as a child are the first clues as to who you were before. A client told me she refused to answer to her given name until she went to grade school, and insisted that everyone call her “Pinder.” Her reading revealed that she had in fact been an ancient Greek poet named Pinder in a past life. I’ve done sessions for couples who were together in past lives, and found each other in this one. And one of my favorite clients has been a monk in a region of the Himalayas for approximately 500 years worth of lifetimes. He kind of looks like a very happy Buddhist monk in this lifetime, too – and he’s even contemplated joining (or, rather, re-joining) a monastery.

2. Many Humans aren’t from planet earth!

Some people have never, ever reincarnated here on earth before. They are from other galaxies, and they’re entering into an earth-life to gather information and learn about the human race. These people very much get the sense that they’ve never been here before. They have a deep longing to go “home,” but this home is not on the planet earth. One such person came with two super tall, deep dark blue spirit guides who called themselves “The Watchers.” It’s hard to describe them now, but their presence was awe-inspiring.

3. Aliens are 100% real and have visited Earth for millenia.

It’s true!

4. Lemuria and Atlantis are REAL, and Aliens have helped shape human society.

Lemuria does, or did, exist. It lies largely under the pacific ocean, but what remains is now Hawaii. I recently did a reading for a wonderful person who had lived in Lemuria in a past life. Beings descended from the skies, and changed human DNA. After this session, I happened to go to Hawaii, and realized just how different the energy is there. Some research showed me that others believe this to be true as well. Atlantis did exist, too, and some beings came here to earth in spaceships. Some of these “people” did in fact look like lizards. I’ve had a past life regression that clued me in to this, and then about 5 years later, a student in one of my past life workshops decided to go “all the way back to the beginning,” and found himself flying in such a spaceship, headed towards earth.

5. Spirits and Spirit Guides are for real!

Because I learned how to be psychic and wasn’t born seeing spirits, it took me a while to accept the fact that we all have spirit guides, and that we can also contact deceased loved ones. Now spirit guides show up all the time, and deliver incredible guidance. I asked to connect with a guide recently and instead delivered a surprisingly accurate description of my client’s grandmother, who had passed away a month prior to the session. She popped in to reassure her that she was on the right track, that she’s hanging out with her yet-to-be-born daughter, and that she will be that child’s spirit guide when she’s born. Spirit guides can appear in the form of beings, animal totems, or as certain colors.

6. You can have more than one soul mate.

Oftentimes, the right person will come in to help you at the right time in your life. Don’t worry about finding “the one,” because there are many possible “ones.” One woman I know had THREE soul mates: one when she was in her early twenties, one she married and had a family with, and when he passed, one with whom she’s happily spending her golden years.

7. Scary entities do exist.

I really don’t like it, but sadly, negative energies and scary heeby-jeeby entities do exist. I’ve seen and felt them. Keep your vibration strong, clear, and high at all times to protect yourself, and call in support from friends, guides, angels, and archangels when you need it.

8. And Angels exist, too!

Angels and archangels are very real; I’ve seen and felt them, too. They come when you call on them. You can always tell when they’re present, because the vibration in the room shifts. They are associated with crazy beautiful colors.

9. Energy is powerful whether you’re aware of it or not.

A reading or healing is an energetic exchange. That’s why a session can be done over the phone or Skype anywhere in the world. That said, energy can be so strong that it can cause phone calls to drop and internet connections to go wonky. I was once doing a cord cutting session for a client who had a lot of resistance (though she knew it’d be good for her), and not only did the phone go dead twice, but three light bulbs blew out in my apartment as I went from one room to another trying to get the phone to work. When my aunts and I do healing sessions over skype, we hear loud shooshing wave-like sounds as we’re sending energy (particularly when Laura does it – she is a powerful healer!). The sounds subside when we stop sending energy and start chit-chatting again.

10. Your life is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

Do you remember those books? They started with one story, and then you had all these different options for how it could end. Time and time again, I’ve realized that the future isn’t set in stone, and you can overcome any perceived obstacles and situations to create whatever it is you want in life. 

These are just a few of the things I’ve discovered first-hand so far. Some of them back up things I’ve read about, and some introduce new things to research. It’s so fun to live in a world with so many things to learn about! If you have any revelations you’d like to share, please email me or contact me on Facebook!