My Story


I always thought it would be SO COOL to be psychic. To know what was going to happen, what people were really thinking, if embarking on some new endeavor would be good or bad in the long run. I never really thought I was or could ever be psychic, though. I thought psychic people were born knowing they were psychic. Born seeing weird things no-one else saw, knowing things no-one else knew. I kind of assumed psychics were people with a “special gift”, people descended from a long lineage of psychics or something like that.

I’ve always loved the idea of magic and fairy tales and the possibility that there was “something more” to everyday life. But whatever that “something more” was, completely eluded me. I went to school, went to college, got jobs, got married. It wasn’t until my friend paid for me to have a clairvoyant reading when I visited her in Boulder, Colorado, that I realized what that “something more” was. I’d never really had a big-time reading – just visited a couple of storefront psychics with friends. So this was a new experience for me.

The reading happened at a place called Psychic Horizons, where, my friend said, they taught people how to access their intuitive powers. The reading only cost $20 because it was given by students of the program.

I went in with only one question in mind. I wanted to know what the purpose of my life was. I wasn’t allowed to verbally state this or any question, but somehow the two people doing the reading picked up on it. And they started talking about what it was I was here to do, all in wonderful kind of allegorical ways, speaking in terms of imagery and feelings and colors and, believe it or not, roses. I didn’t care. They were on to something. The reading lasted over an hour and by the end I felt completely transformed. I knew, and yet I didn’t know…and then again, I did know and I felt really, really different, and very good. It’s almost too difficult to explain. But something definitely shifted. I felt it, and they felt it. It was really magical. Seriously.

The next day, we went to the Boulder library and I stumbled upon a book called “The Psychic Pathway” by Sonia Choquette. I started reading it and showed my friend, who checked it out from the library. I returned home to LA two days later and told my aunt about the reading and the book, which she happened to have a copy of (I had no idea!), and which she she sent to me. I read the book from cover to cover, and started to do the exercises in it.

And believe it or not, I became psychic. Or, to use a term I’m more comfortable with, Intuitive. I found more books and more resources, including my very own teacher, Debra Katz, who taught me how to work with my clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. I started giving practice readings to friends and family, and then branched out with strangers. I’ve gotten more rave reviews and positive feedback than I could ever imagine. I’ve recounted the past, restated the present, and predicted the future thousands of times, and I’m still thrilled as could be – and a little bit amazed – when the information I’ve given is verified. I love this work.

So this blog is about my stories, experiences, tidbits and methods. It’s an adventure, and I’m delighted to share it.

Say Readers...

  • Carolyn   

    I love hearing your story. I didn't know all this. You're SO psychic, that I thought you always knew you were. Wow. This gives me some hope, that maybe I could be alot more intuitive. With love, Carolyn