My 5-Step Approach to Boosting your Intuition and Psychic Awareness with Psychic Games


People always ask me how I got into to doing the work that I do. And the truth is, while I 100% whole-heartedly believe that EVERYONE is psychic, and we all can learn how to be more intuitive and aware, there’s something I don’t always divulge: I worked really super hard to learn how to tap into my intuition. It took a lot of time and a lot of patience and commitment. I meditated daily – and that in and of itself was a challenge – read countless books, took training courses, and practiced by doing hundreds of free readings for other people.

These activities became a part of my daily routine – my work, albeit work that I loved. But one of the fun, extra-curricular activities that helped me boost my intuition and psychic awareness the most was playing what my open, conscious friends and I called “Psychic Games.” Basically, we just got together with snacks or wine, and talked (something we’re naturally good at!). There were no expectations, no right or wrong answers – just connecting at a higher level. We’d talk about all the things that were going on in our lives, and then get all psychic, and look for answers.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your intuition and psychic awareness, I recommend psychic games as one of the best ways to go. And here’s how to do it:

1. Enlist friends who are just as excited about playing psychic games as you are. 
You want to approach this with a sense of wonder, of total open-mindedness, and complete trust. No Debbie Downers, Doubting Thomases, or Negative Nellies. Above all else, psychic games should be FUN!

2. Create a peaceful, relaxing, magical ambiant space.
Light candles and incense. Play calming, relaxing music – or none at all. Take time to breathe and relax, and then, together, try and meditate for 5-10 minutes. You can do a guided meditation (here’s one I recorded) or you can read one from a book, or just practice one that you know works for you.

3. Using a deck of divination cards:
Shuffle the cards as you think about your question. Fan them out, and then pull out the cards that are calling to you. Since there are so many decks to choose from and ways to lay out the cards, I suggest just following your card deck guidebook. My fave decks are those by Colette Baron-Reid, as well as the Albano-Waite tarot deck. Here are some sample questions that are good for cards:

  • What kind of mood is my boss going to be in tomorrow?
  • Is this guy interested in me?
  • Where should we go for dinner?

4. Using your imagination (aka clairvoyance):
Ask each other questions and see what images or impressions drift into your mind’s eye. Check in and see how you feel (this is clairsentience) about people and situations, too. Good questions to use with this type of reading might be something along the lines of:

  • Is there anything I can do to heal my relationship with (xyz)?
  • What is the best approach for me to take with (xyz) situation in my life?
  • How can I find my life’s purpose and follow my true path?
  • Who are my spirit guides?

5. Be open, be light, relax, and take notes!
When you’re in the process of giving and receiving information, you absolutely have to let go of the notion that anything you’re picking up is ridiculous or silly. Being psychic is not about right or wrong, it’s about sensing where energy is going, and getting in the flow. Validate what you’re picking up on by recording what you receive, and I guarantee that even if it doesn’t make sense immediately, it will make sense at some point down the line.

You can play psychic games on your own, too. Classic ones involve guessing who’s calling before you look at the phone or following your hits or hunches when you’re shopping. My friend, Psychic Medium Charlene Murphy, has a host of psychic games on her website. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has a few interesting telepathy tests on his website as well. Psychic development takes time and effort, but if you truly love it, it can be amazingly fun and rewarding.

Do you play psychic games? If so, I want to hear what you do, so please add your input in the comments below!

Say Readers...

  • :}   

    I'm definitely going to try some of these! Lately I've been working to pay closer attention to images or thoughts that float into my mind. I think these games will help me !! Thanks Krishanti! Marissa

  • R   

    Psychic games are a great way to spend time with friends, though I sometimes put pressure on myself to get the "right" answer. This is a good reminder to relax and have fun with it!

  • Photography Diva   

    This is fantastic advice and so encouraging. I think you are really generous to share this. THANK YOU.

  • Krishanti   

    They definitely help, and the more fun you have, and the less pressure you put on yourself, the more your intuition will expand!