Miracles Happen Every Day – You Just Gotta Watch for the Signs!


A while back, a friend and I got together to exercise our psychic muscles by playing what we call psychic games. Basically, we just hang out, eat snacks, and get all psychic with stuff that’s going on in our lives. It’s super fun, always helpful, and a great way to learn how to access your intuition. I’ll write more about the best ways to do this in the future  – because today I want to talk about recognizing little miracles when they happen.

That day, I asked my friend to look into Coco, my sweet, soft-as-a-bunny kitty cat, who had been having some health problems. My friend intuited that Coco didn’t feel like she was contributing enough to the family. She needed to know she has purpose, and that she is a vital part of our lives. Since then, whenever I have the chance, I pet Coco and tell her how important she is, how much joy and happiness she brings to us, and how much we all need and love her. I know she understands me, and her health has definitely been improving. I also think this new dialogue with Coco led to a little miracle that happened.

As many of you know, I have a 15-month old baby named Ivan. When we were baby proofing our home, we clamped down the electrical cords (why do all kids LOVE these?) with some super sharp, tack-like brackets that hold them to the wall. Ivan was fascinated with one cord in particular, and insisted on trying to yank on it despite the brackets. It seemed to me like a bracket came loose, but I couldn’t be sure as the cord was still firmly attached to the wall, and there were lots of other brackets in place. I searched all over the floor for a missing bracket but couldn’t find one. So, I forgot about it, and a couple months passed by.

Now, Coco has this penchant for playing with bottle caps and wine corks – it’s kind of her thing – and one day last week I heard her characteristically batting something around. I worried that Ivan might get it (choking hazard!) but when I approached Coco to see what she had, she hid with it under the dining table, and I knew I had no chance in hell of getting it from her. I left to go pick up Ivan from daycare, and when I came home, there, right in the middle of the living room floor where I couldn’t miss it to save my life, was the lost bracket, it’s sharp, dangerous, deadly points gleaming brilliantly in the light. Coco had delivered it right to me, where she knew I’d be sure to see it. I snatched it up and thanked Coco (who hides in safe places when Ivan’s on the scene) by serving her an extra helping of treats. When the baby went to bed and we had one-on-one time, I told my sweet little angel how she very well could have saved Ivan’s life – and how much that meant to all of us.

I could have easily dismissed this whole thing as a coincidence, but because I really believe in living the work that I do, I always try to be aware of the many signs, special moments, and miracles the universe has to offer. Coco, as a perceptive, intuitive member of our family, wanted to be useful, helpful, and of value, as my friend told me during our psychic games session. I listened to my friend, believed her, and started talking to Coco more. Coco heard me, and understood, and somehow, some way, this led to what I consider to be a little miracle.

When you live life expecting marvelous, special things to happen, they do. If you’re fully present and aware of what’s really going on around you, you start to notice all kinds of things you might not have noticed before. These subtle things, from the mundane to the awe-inspiring, make life richer, more exciting, interesting, and fulfilling – and isn’t that something we’re all looking for?

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