Looking for Inspiration? Check out CNN Heroes.


CNN is always on at my gym. It’s great to know what’s happening in the world, but after about 2 minutes of the relevant stuff, the rest of the programming isn’t really that mind-blowing. And it’s repetitive, which is totally boring. But one thing the network has that I love is CNN Heroes. The tagline is “Everday People Changing the World,” and every time they run a segment, I find myself choking back tears while on the treadmill or elliptical and resolving to contribute more to the world. CNN Heroes are people who just decided to DO something to help others, and made it happen.

A lot of the people I see in the course of my work are looking for a way to find greater meaning in their lives and to figure out why they’re here. And the bottom line is, we’re here to make a difference. Yes, we have to work out our own personal karma, and learn our own specific lessons and all that, but one of the coolest spiritual/universal laws I’ve discovered is that we are all one, all a part of source energy, and we’re all here to contribute to the greater good, however that may manifest. Sometimes life is so challenging that it’s hard to see that, and that’s where watching inspirational programming like CNN Heroes can help. If you’re feeling low or lost and need some inspiration, check it out!