Living the Psychic Way


If you’re one of those, like me, who learned to be psychic later in life (or are learning so now), you’ll realize that it can be really, really hard to train yourself to switch over from an ordinary everyday life to an extraordinary psychic life. Especially because most people in the world are living in an ordinary everyday way. Not to say that that’s bad or anything; it’s just different from the psychic way. I often find myself struggling to keep hold of what I know, to remember that there’s a special side of life that I want to honor as a part of my daily life. It is not easy.

One thing that helps me to stay in the psychic/intuitive realm is to listen to educational cds or audio recordings of those who are lighting the path through the intuitive realm. I’ve got cds by Sylvia Browne, Colette Baron-Reid, John Edward, and Sonia Choquette, among others. They are all great, but the ones I’ve find that help me the most, in a very grounded way, are Sonia Choquette’s. If I want to feel more connected to the intuitive realm, instead of listening to music in my car, I’ll switch over for a few weeks to one of Sonia’s “Trust your Vibes,” “Trust your Vibes at Work,” or “How to Meet and Work with your Spirit Guides” cds. Honestly, this is one of the greatest keys for me to staying in the intuitive realm, because it’s so easy to fall off the path back into the non-intuitive realm. I should think of a word for that. Maybe, the land of the ordinary? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Say Readers...

  • Krishanti   

    Yeah…that's a good one. Only, I love the word realm, it's so special. Maybe the regular world should be boring, like…Laundromat. Where would you rather be, in the Intuitive Realm, or at the Laundromat?