Listening to that Little Voice


There were 3 distinct cases of listening to that little voice this week. After two times of ignoring it, I finally paid attention, and saved myself yet another pain in the ass.

The first instance was the parking ticket, ironically received outside of the Bodhi Tree new age bookstore. I put 30 minutes in the meter and you can call it a keen sense of knowing when 30 minutes has gone by, or you can call it intuition, but I KNEW I had to go check that meter…but I waited, as I was talking to my friend who worked there, and she got delayed, and I didn’t want to run out and check the meter…but finally, I did, and wouldn’t you know it – the guy was right there, writing the ticket up to tuck under my windshield wipers.


I was pissed – I should have listened to myself!

The next day, I was entertaining a friend from out of town. We’d been running around all day and finally got home to make dinner. We’d decided to cook Indian food – tandoori chicken and saag paneer, a dish of spinach and cubes of cheese. I’d told my friend that we had to put the spinach in the blender at the end, and when I went to take a shower the spinach was simmering on the stove. While in the shower, I had the distinct thought to call out to her and remind her not to put the cheese in, as we had to put the spinach in the blender. But then I thought, “she’ll see the blender on the counter and remember.” So I didn’t say anything. When I got out of the shower and went to check on the spinach, I lifted the lid and saw all the cubes of cheese in there, beginning to melt (it’s supposed to be hard!) with the un-blended spinach. Disaster! I cursed at myself for not listening to that inner guidance, as mundane as it seemed. We picked all the cheese out, blended the spinach up, and salvaged the dinner. But if I’d listened, I’d have saved both of us a big pain in the ass.

The next day, I went to the grocery store to pick up some things, including coffee, which I ground there. I had another little thought – to not put the bag with the coffee on top in the trunk, as the lid might come off and coffee might spill everywhere. Finally, I listened, and kept that bag in the front with me. And guess what? When I got home, all the bags in the trunk had fallen all over tipsy-turvy, and the coffee probably would have spilled out everywhere. I have no way of knowing 100%, but I’d rather wonder that then have had to clean the trunk.

I know all this seems terribly mundane, but it illustrates how simple intuition can make life a little easier. Had I listened in the first place, I’d not have gotten a ticket and would have saved time and annoyance with dinner. I’m just grateful that I didn’t have to deal with coffee grounds!

Say Readers...

  • Design Expertise   

    What about when that "little voice" tells me to hurt people?

  • K.   

    Don't be such a pest. My little voice is telling me to smack you when you get home from work.