Let’s Pretend!


Assuming you’ve read the Mists of Avalon, here are some tips you can REALLY do, even this weekend, to see if you can be as psychic as the Priestesses themselves:

Start by lighting candles and burning incense to make your room feel more magical and sacred. Eat a nice light meal, or don’t eat at all. The priestess fasted often to increase their intuitive abilities, and abstained from eating meat. The only thing they drank was water.

Start your whole process by meditating and calming your mind.

Get a nice metal or golden bowl and fill it with fresh water. Stare into the water with a question in mind and wait for images to come to you. If nothing really “pops out,” just pretend you see something. Could be that that which you’re pretending to see or portent is really something intuitive. Get into the magic: wave your hand over the water to clear images away, like Vivianne does in the book.

OK, so they didn’t weave in order to access mystical info, but Morgaine would often go into a trance when she was weaving – that’s why she avoided it, because her “sight” would creep up on her unexpectedly and she’d freak people out! Just do something repetitive and calming, like braiding string or beading or knitting. You can even make a symbolic woven bracelet or something. Intend to make it a magical item, if you want, one that you can use to give you strength, or good luck, or enhance your psychic ability. While you’re weaving, see what thoughts float into your mind. Make note of them.

Closer your eyes and make some predictions:
Just start saying things, like “I see my friend Sedgwick calling me later today.” or “I believe Satine and Arthur will break up.” Think about why you’re saying these things. Is it a hunch, an observation, a belief, or a feeling? The Priestesses of Avalon often had feelings about things that others weren’t aware of – mostly because they were simply more observant. They all knew Gwenhyfair and Lancelet had a thing for each other, and the day she married Arthur was not a good one. It’s kind of just like common sense, but that’s what intuition is: common sense and observance!

Play with cards to get answers to questions you have:
Check out Colette Baron-Reids Avalon deck – it’s super magical and fun. You can also use Tarot cards, or anything that appeals to you. No, they didn’t use cards in Mists of Avalon. But we have them now, so why not play?