Karma – You Can’t Escape It!


Picture this: you’re born. Ta-daaaa!

And for some reason completely unbeknownst to you, somebody already has it written into your life plan that they will hate you, or hurt you, or make your life really really hard for reasons that make no sense to you at all whatsoever. Just because of…


Karma can be created in this lifetime, or it can carry over from other lifetimes. People will do things to you that you totally didn’t deserve in this lifetime, because of something you did to them in another lifetime. Cycles that you don’t necessarily WANT to repeat, will repeat, because of karma. You will have to fight battles you don’t want to fight and learn lessons you might not want to learn, because of karma.

Karma 101:

Karma is like one of those laws of the universe that is written in stone. It’s a balancing of the scales. You do something bad, something bad is done to you. You do something good, something good comes back to you. It makes great sense in this lifetime, and it’s easy to rationalize. Let’s say as a teenager, you shoplift some eyeshadow. The next week, your backpack gets stolen. Karma! That’s so simple and perfect, right? I love it. The kind of karma that’s harder to figure out is the kind that has to do with bigger things, like why you can’t get along with a certain person, or why the same things keep happening to you over and over again, or why you had to be born into certain circumstances.

Karma and Relationships:

I love doing past life readings, because they are just so enlightening and fascinating to watch and understand. I’ve noticed that it seems like people have very similar relationships with the other people in their lifes, life after life after life. It’s almost as if, until the lesson is learned (for those negative relationships), the cycle will continue until the karma is resolved. How is the karma resolved? By seeing the issue for what it is – like getting to the root of the matter – then removing the energetic charge, for the most part, with true unconditional love and forgiveness, thereby breaking the karmic cycle.

Karma and Money:

Some people seem to have it all, right? While others struggle and toil and just can’t get ahead. Let’s say, life after life after life, you were just the richest person in the land. You were born into money and never really had to work. But your soul got bored, and decided that in this lifetime, you’d set it up so you’d have to work HARD to earn what you get, and you’d experience just what it was like to struggle, and to actively try and manifest wealth on your own. Bummer for you, right? But in a sense, it would be really quite fun and interesting to see how you meet the challenge from a spiritual perspective. Do you overcome it, realize how powerful you truly are, and create the life you want, or do you succomb to misery and sorrow over your lot in life?

Karma and Health:

It is tragic and unfair when people are born with disabilities, or have to struggle with health issues at any point in their lives. Everyone’s karma is different around this and it’s really complicated. Some people have disabilities and health issues to teach others in their lives how to learn compassion; they are the most fundamentally pivotal spiritual teachers of all. Others have disabilities to learn how to cope in life with a vessel that doesn’t function optimally. Whatever the case is, karma as it pertains to health and the physical body is the most hardcore karma there is. And yet, some people master it beautifully, and not only thrive in life, but teach and inspire others as well.

There’s No “Umbrella” Solution to Karma

It’s surprising to thing of the billions of situations people could have been in, and things they could have done, that could cause karma to play out in this lifetime. Every single person has a unique set of circumstances and situations that contribute to their karma. If you’re seeking answers, one of the most helpful arenas to delve into would be the whole past life connection. Brian Weiss is one of the leaders in past life studies, and his first book, Many Lives, Many Masters, is a classic.

If you think there’s some karma you’re paying for now that you incurred in a past life, a past life regression could definitely help you figure things out so that you can hopefully work on balancing out the karmic scales. Brian Weiss has some really great past life regression CD’s, or you can find a hypnotherapist to work with.

If you think you’re doing things to incur more bad karma now, you can obviously stop what your doing and change your path, and make up for it. It’s never too late to apologize, make amends, change your thoughts, change your actions, and balance your karma out that way.

What’s your karma like this time around? Do you think it’s fair?