Is Your Child Seeing Spirits?



I am SO not into spirits.

Ghosts, apparitions, etc…not my cup of tea.

However, through my years of learning how to be psychic, and then doing readings and healings professionally, I have tapped into that realm now and then, because when you’re accessing a different field of information, you do tend to notice things. It’s just par for the course. But personally, I don’t like to go there, and so I try with all my might to turn it off and tune it out. No ghosties for me, please. I’ve seen The Sixth Sense, and I have no desire to have that kind of thing happen in my everyday life. Angels, lightbeings, and unicorns, yes! Ghosts, no.

And so it was with great trepidation that I realized my four-year old son picked up on something in our home last night. He is always squeamish about the dark, but last night he told me there was something in the dark hallway and/or his room. We were doing Legos in the living room and I got a weird feeling when he told me that but I tried to ignore it as it was the end of the day and I wanted to just wind down and not get back into work mode (funny that my work is all about energy and stuff!). THEN his toy airplane went off out of the blue like something from The Twilight Zone (“Bienvenidos a Toy Airlines!” with a happy little song that suddenly seemed creepy) and I was legit freaked out. I don’t like that kind of thing happening in my warm and cozy home. Or anywhere.

So we put the Legos down and I turned on all the lights and did a banishing – the  Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – where you call in the four major Archangels and God and Christ and everyone else wonderful and high vibrational and filled with love and light. And after that, I felt the energy lift. Oddly enough, right after I did this, a medium who was scheduled to come for a reading the next day emailed to reschedule. And I was super relieved, because I’d been wondering if he’d be bringing any “friends” with him. Gotta love the LBRP!

I have to say, because of the work I do in our family home, I’m extra-sensitive to anything our son says about weird energy. Kids KNOW these things. If your child says he or she sees spirits, chances are they do. As for monsters and stuff like that, it’s kind of a strange territory and might have more to do with what they see in movies or on TV or hear from other kids, but if you just really pay attention, you’ll get to know the difference.

If you have a child who is talking about seeing things a LOT, I’d recommend doing a clearing and/or banishing where-ever he/she says it is. And then, to reassure your child, put up a picture or pictures of beautiful angels, divine beings, religious people who would look nice to a child, and anything else you can think of that embodies love, light, and protection. And then talk to your child about it, and encourage a dialogue so there isn’t any shame or fear.

We all essentially want to win in the battle of light over darkness (I mean just look at the worldwide success of Star Wars!), and if you promote the presence of love and light with your child, it will help.

Again, if your child is saying he or she senses something, whether they label it as a spirit/ghost or not, chances are they ARE. Kids are more sensitive to energies than we are, as they just came from the other side over to our world!

Good luck!