Is There Really Life After Death?


I had a conversation with my husband a while back where he wondered if, when you die, you’re just, you know – dead. Gone forever. Finshed. Finito.

The idea was new to me. I’m someone who has believed in reincarnation since before I was born. I’m an old soul, I’ve done countless past life readings, had past life regressions and readings done on myself, studied all kinds of books, heard all kinds of stories, and, to top it all off, am a believer in out-there concepts. I also feel that in order to be truly open-minded, you can’t discount anything. So I started thinking about it.

If there isn’t life after death, that means that this ONE lifetime is all we’ve got. So,we’re born. Our little bodies emerge, along with our personalities, and the spirit animates the body. We grow up, live, and then die. The body dies, and presuming there is no life after death, the spirit dies, too. Poof! All gone, all at once. No more.

But see, that doesn’t make sense to me. The spirit of a person is more alive, more vibrant, than the physical body. The spirit gives LIFE to the body. Would the spirit just die, then, right after the body does? What’s the point of that?

I suppose there’s no clinical proof of it yet, but to me, that equation doesn’t seem right.

Why would the spirit die? What would the point be? And does death really exist? Everything in the natural world is reborn – just look at the cycle of nature. In the winter, everything shrivels up and goes dormant. In the spring, new leaves form. Bounty in the summer, then everything withers up in autumn, goes dormant again in the winter, and then new growth and rebirth again.

I recently finished a really great novel called “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson. It follows the story of a main character, Ursula, through World War 1 and 2 in Great Britain. At various points throughout the story, she dies, and then returns right back to the same birth, the same circumstances, and the same life to live again. She does things differently each time, ostensibly til she “gets it right.” The idea is quite fascinating, and it opens up the question as to whether or not we keep living the same life over and over until we learn certain lessons and/or change things. I’ve never seen that occur in a past life reading, but that’s not to say it’s not possible, right?

Physicists say that the reality as we know it isn’t quite that. Apparently, nothing is made of matter, and there is no such thing as time. Say what? But think about it. We exist in one particular dimension. We don’t know for sure about other dimensions. We don’t know a whole lot about a lot of things. What we perceive to be our world could merely be a fraction of a tenth of a thousandth of a whole myriad of big huge dimensions that our little brains can’t even begin to fathom.

Or, we could all be the puppets of a man in the sky who decides our fate at whim.

I had a past life regression once where the hypnotherapist led me to connect with the spirit of my mother, who died when I was 15. I can’t really express the way this worked, but it was quite beautiful and profound. It was her, but not her. She said that she was something, as a part of everything, the great spirit. She wasn’t “HER” anymore, but her spirit was enjoying returning to the greater spirit, where everything seemed to move and flow quite beautifully. I had the greatest sense that everything would be wonderfully fine, and that there was more meaning to what we think of as existence than I could comprehend.

And, of course, I’ve seen so many synchronicities when it comes to evidence of past lives, of children who remember past lives, and from the many past life readings I’ve done. People remember things. People are drawn to parts of the world where they’ve lived before. People are magnetized towards friends and loved ones with a strong feeling that they KNOW each other, have known each other for ages and ages. There is a reason for these things, and they all hint at the concept that there is life after death, and that we do reincarnate.

If you’d like to find out more about life after death and reincarnation, check out Ian Stevenson, and namely his book “Children Who Remember Past Lives.” It is incredibly fascinating. I also love Dr. Brian Weiss’s classic, “Many Lives, Many Masters.”

Carol Bowman is a prominent past lives specialist, and you can also find information on life after death at the PLR institute.

And if you’re interested in a past life reading, send me an email to set up an appointment!

What do you think about life after death? Do you believe in reincarnation?