I’m Not a Psychic.


I wish I could single-handedly change the perception of the word “psychic.” I cringe when I hear uninformed people use it as a noun or verb, and proclaim that they “don’t believe in that.” I hate when people I’ve just met get kind of quiet when I mention that I do intuitive consulting, explaining that it’s like being psychic. And I get really annoyed when people who see me refer to me as “my psychic.” OH MY GOD. Don’t even get me started.

A lot of people who do what I do reference that they come from a long line of people who have this ability. This sometimes makes it seem like being psychic is this special thing that runs in bloodlines. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I have four aunties on my mom’s side, and three of them are highly intuitive. Did this make me more psychic? I don’t know, but what I do know is the total support and encouragement I received from one of them, my Aunty Jeannette, is the biggest reason I’m doing what I do today. She and the other people in my life, including my husband and my closest friends, created a safe place for me to express my psychic/intuitive impressions, to speak out and to believe in myself. That more than anything helped me to strengthen and grow my skill set.

I’m not a psychic. I am someone who realized, at the age of 30, that we all have the potential to develop our intuition. I developed mine and had so much fun with the new world it opened up for me that I decided to do it for a living. I call myself an Intuitive Consultant because it’s more progressive than the old-timey, negative, “normal us vs. weirdo them” term “psychic.”

You know how they say we only use about 10% of our brain? Well, having learned what I’ve learned so far, I think I’m now using about 15%. I hope we all start to tap into this great capacity we have, because this is fun and it’s about time we all start enjoying it. If you ‘re interested in learning more, check out the books I recommend on my sidebar. If you think you might want to do what I do for a living, talk to me about my professional intuitive development training program. You can “not be a psychic” right along with me. Come on, the world needs more of us!