I Love Joan Rivers.


I just re-discovered Joan Rivers, and she delights me. Of course, I’ve known who she is for ages, but I never paid much attention. Then I started DVR’ing Fashion Police (I have a new baby, and in the very little down time I now have, easy TV is about all I can focus on). Joan’s jokes crack me up, and I love the show. Then I discovered her reality show, Joan and Melissa. I usually avoid reality TV (except for House Hunters International!), but I watch this just for Joan. I love her because she’s bold and brazen, she says what’s on her mind, she wears bright, beautiful clothes, big jewelry, and fur, she’s been around the block a hundred thousand times, she’s had over 700 plastic surgery fixes and doesn’t apologize for it, she’s generous, she drinks, she loves “the gays,” and most of all, she’s FUNNY.
She makes me laugh out loud, and she makes me feel hopeful. Unlike Joan, I’m kind of quiet, kind of soft and shy, sometimes apologetic when I do state my mind, and not as confident and outspoken as I’d like to be. Joan is definitely herself, and by being herself, I feel like I have permission to be more of myself. I love that feeling, and I’m grateful to have her as a source of inspiration.
Who is your Joan Rivers?