How Your Perception of Yourself Affects Your Life.


I know a guy who just got engaged.

This is a guy people don’t always take seriously, as he comes off kind of goofy or a bit odd at times. He has a youthful, comical demeanor, he jokes around a lot, tells a lot of tall tales, and is kind of a crazy guy. He’s not what you would consider handsome by conventional means. When he used to talk about these insane conquests he’d have, everyone would listen to the story with a bit of disbelief, and then gossip about it afterwards, always with a kind of “Do you think he made that up?” sense of awe. If I’m not telling you enough about this guy to get the point home, let me say this: one time, in the middle of a busy, crowded work convention, he licked someone’s feet. In public. Need I say more?

Most people don’t know quite what to make of this guy, and that is why I LOVE this story. He’s not normal. He’s not average. He’s kind of “weird.”

But he’s confident.

He likes himself.

He thinks he’s a catch.

And guess what? He just got engaged to a stunningly gorgeous, highly intelligent, kind, compassionate woman. She’s ten years his junior, has a successful career as a child psychologist, and is happily converting religions for him.

I wanted to share this story because it’s great. This guy believes in himself. He perceives himself as the kind of guy this amazing woman would want to be with.

And she fell in love with him!

It’s such a simple concept, yet it’s incredibly profound. Your perception of yourself affects your life. If you believe you will succeed, you will. If you believe you are worthy of love, you will find it. If you believe anything is possible, anything IS possible.

If you could change anything about your perception of yourself, what would it be?