How to Use Your Intuition to Communicate with (and Heal) Your Pets


Those of us who have pets are so lucky to be the caretakers of such precious friends. A lot of human beings feel that they’re more intelligent than other sentient creatures, and while we may have more complex brains that process things differently, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are technically smarter or more advanced than the animals who share this planet with us.

Many animals incarnate as pets in order to teach us how to be kinder and more evolved beings. They rely on us, and it’s our job to treat them with love and kindness. If you share your home with animal friends, and you’d like to know how to use your intuition to better care for and respect them, here are 3 things that will help:

1. Quiet Your Mind and Focus on Your Pet.

Put your phone away, turn off your iPad or laptop, and turn off the TV. Just sit with your pet quietly. If it’s someone you can pet, pet him or her. Just try and be near them, and breathe deeply. Share the space with them, and try and sense how they’re feeling. If you can do this for 15-30 minutes, that would be great. Notice what impressions come up. Think about how much your love your pet, and recall funny or sweet things he or she has done in the past. As you do this, you’re actually communicating telepathically with your pet’s spirit, and letting him or her know how much you appreciate their presence. Let your mind wander to what your pet might need from you right now, and what might be good for him or her. When you’re done with your session, record some notes of your impressions, and follow through on any advice you received. Notice how your pet reacts to any changes you might make to his or her diet or lifestyle.

2. Talk to your pets – and then listen when they talk back.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling bad, because lately the kind of talking I’ve been doing to my two cats has been exasperated chit chat. Like yesterday, when I found a hairball right below my pillow on the bed (thanks). Or earlier today, when Aloysius curled up EXACTLY where I sit to write on my laptop. Or a few weeks ago, when SOMEONE peed on the blanket I accidentally left on the floor. Now clearly, these are signs that the cats need more TLC, since the majority of my attention and energy now goes to 3 year-old Ivan. So as a healer and intuitive, what I’m going to focus on doing more is talking to my cats lovingly, and then listening to their requests. Does Aloysius need another energy healing session? Yes. Would Coco like some tuna? Absolutley. Do both of them want more scratches and pets? Of course. And as I’m thinking about it, I think they wouldn’t mind a new cat scratcher, and some catnip. And some playtime. No wonder I haven’t been talking to them much lately – they have a lot of requests! But seriously, animals do want to communicate, and they will, even more so when you open that door and show them you’re willing to listen and give them what they want and need.

3.  Send healing energy – it’s easier than you’d think!

Because you have such a close bond with your pets as it is, it’s easy to send healing energy to them. There are a couple of ways to do it: one way is by just breathing in, and then directing, colored light into their bodies. A soft, gentle color is best, and one of the prime colors to begin with is a light, lovely pink. Pink is very healing, and most animals love it. Just pet your pet, and imagine you’re breathing in pink light, and it’s flowing out through your hands to your pet. If you can’t pet your friend, just hold your hands out – if it’s a fish, over the water, or if it’s a bird or reptile, just hold up your hands and beam the light out through your hand chakras.

Another way you can send healing energy is to imagine the light of God, or your creator, or the Universe, pouring down through your crown chakra, down through your arms, and out of your hands and hand chakras to your pet. Let the divine light flow, and think about how much love you have for your pet, as you allow the healing energy to flow through you and out. You don’t have to do anything else.

Have you communicated with your pets before? What kinds of insights did you get?