How to Rid Yourself of Energetic Plaque


Have you ever noticed that, if you don’t go to the dentist for a cleaning as often as you should, tons of plaque just builds up on your teeth? It magically accumulates, making your mouth feel grungier and dirtier, until you intentionally go and get it chipped away and scraped off.

This happens automatically with your physical body. The funny thing is, the same thing is true for your energy body. You automatically accumulate energetic “plaque” unless you actively work to break it down and get it out of your space. How does energetic plaque look and feel? It’s different for everyone, but common results are major issues that keep popping up in your life, or specific negative emotions or feelings that are triggered by something you just can’t seem to shake. Energetic plaque can really hold you back, and make your life experience quite difficult at times.

Here’s an example: let’s say that, as a child, several authority figures were disrespectful to you. Unless you’ve undergone extensive therapy or energy work to release the physical, mental, psychological, and energetic effects of how this made you feel and act/react, chances are the energetic residue of this interplay is still a part of your life experience. You might strongly fear, resent, or even hate authority figures. You may possibly attract disrespectful authority figures (or would-be authority figures) into your life.

As an Intuitive, I’ve seen this energetic plaque on all of my clients. Everyone has build-up; even little babies have it, carried over from past life experiences. The easiest way to get rid of it is to go to a trusted energy worker who you know can help clear your aura and chakras, or energy centers. They will tell you what they see and work with you to release it. But on an ongoing basis, it would be great if you could do your own maintenance; your own energetic brush and floss.

The most powerful way to do this on your own is to meditate on a regular basis. If, for example, you know you have an issue with authority figures, imagine yourself releasing this pattern. Just visualize it dissipating, and literally feel yourself lighten up as the energy shifts. You can see people from your past disappearing; imagine people in your present and future treating you with respect. Affirm that you are releasing this pattern. If you know you have energetic plaque but can’t quite find the source, you can set the intention to release whatever it is that is not in alignment with your highest good.

If meditation doesn’t work for you, you can try writing this process out. To stick with the authority figure theme, write about your past, identifying things people did that offended you. Think about people or situations in your life now that mirror what happened in the past. Then write an affirmation that you release this pattern, and refuse to let it be a part of your life any longer. Read this affirmation daily; make it your mantra.

It’s important to realize that you have control over your life force energy. You can allow the energy from people and situations to build up, reinforcing that dirty mouth feeling throughout your energy body. You can also decide to end a destructive cycle, and to clear your field of unwanted energy. You have the power to take the reigns, and care for your energy body just as you do your physical one. With proper care and maintenance, you will see dramatic shifts begin to take place, and you will literally steer your life into the direction you’d like it to go in.

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    I love this analogy, and that photo! It's adorable. It's so true, though, how gunk can build up and cause things to go awry and get rotten. It can happen really quickly, too, if you're not paying attention. Thanks for the reminder.