How to Find Your Purpose


A lot of people ask me what their purpose is. And in most cases, it always has to do with work.

“What am I here to do…work-wise?” 
“What is my passion…with work?” 
How can I find my purpose…and earn money doing it?”

Work is a huge deal, and takes up a giant chunk of our life. Before I started doing the work I do now, I was riddled with angst about finding my purpose work-wise, because I hated being so unfulfilled. We have so many possibilities open to us these days, so many choices regarding what we can do for work, that it seems silly to waste a life toiling away at a job that just doesn’t feel right.

But in searching for your purpose, it might ease the pressure to know that your overall reason for existing is much bigger than work. You can in fact go into every aspect of your life and every one of your relationships to find a part of your purpose – and you will definitely find answers.

And that’s a great way to get around to finding your purpose work-wise. You do have the answer within you – you just have to tease it out.

Give yourself a good hour to do this. Just meditate to quiet your mind (I have a great free meditation here) and then start writing answers related to the following:

1. Your purpose in each year of your life, or each “era,” like childhood, your teenage years, early adulthood, etc.
2. The key people in your life, in the past and now. What was or is your purpose with these people?
3. Classrooms you’ve been in at school, clubs you were a part of, groups you participated in. What was or is your purpose as a part of the group? Why were you there? What did you bring to the table?
4. What do you think people think you’re good at? Bad at?
5. Jobs you’ve had. What was your overall purpose?
6. What do you really love to do?
7. What do you think you’re the BEST at?
8. What do you most easily see yourself doing?

And that will most likely lead you to your purpose.

One thing that’s so important to know is that your purpose related to work doesn’t have to be the same thing throughout your whole entire life. You can change your mind, change your purpose, shift and grow. You can be a teacher for 20 years, and then decide to be an artist. You can be a lawyer, and then become a surfer, and then a healer. You can be an administrative assistant, a writer, and a filmmaker. You can be a farmer, and then be a doctor. Don’t get stuck in “all-or-nothing” thinking – that only holds you back. You can be lots of things. And one day, you just might discover the greatest secret of all – your purpose is simply being yourself.

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    Thank you for this fantastic post! I just listened to the free Decision-Making meditation that came with the April newsletter and that combined with this post are really helping me to both clarify what I should be doing and helping me to make clear decisions so that I can take the next steps. Thank you again!