How Psychic Mediums Contact the Dead


Mediumship is a very unique psychic skill. The art of mediumship can be learned, but many psychic mediums are born with the ability to sense and see spirits. It’s as if they came into this world already “tuned in” to the frequency of the spirit realm, so seeing and talking to spirits comes naturally to them.

What a good professional Psychic Medium does is this: he or she will first raise their consciousness to a higher level, basically ascending to a different plane of awareness in order to facilitate spirit communication. Even if the Medium is tuned in all the time, the observation of this act of raising consciousness is a prerequisite when working with clients. He or she will connect to you, and then call in the spirits who are surrounding you, and start talking to them, communicating messages they have for you. A good Psychic Medium will know whether a spirit has crossed over or not, and will be able to act like a professional translator, either hearing (clairaudience) what the spirit has to say, and then repeating it to you, or seeing pictures (clairvoyance) that the spirit shows them, and relaying that information to you. Sometimes, other spirits will come into a reading space, providing information that is neither helpful nor useful. Spirits love to been seen and heard, and sometimes when the portal is open, all kinds of spirits will rush in and try and give their 50 cents about all kinds of things. A spirit for the client after you might show up, or a couple of spirits related to the person coming in a couple of days might peek in to see what’s going on. The Medium has to make sure he or she is tuning in to people related only to you – a professional will be well aware of this whole process and with intention, will be able to easily manage the spirit crowd.

In some cases, a Medium, whether they are aware of it or not, will read images that you hold very strongly in your mind, and tell you things that you know were meaningful to you, pertaining to the person you wish to communicate with. This will of course trigger a lot of emotions for you, because it will be something you definitely resonate with and remember. A Medium might see an image of a special valentine you made for your mother when you were a kid, and know that it was important to you. So, he or she will say “I’m seeing a homemade valentine card” and describe it, and you’ll know they’re talking about the one you made for your mother, and you’ll start crying. More memories of your mother will come up, and the Medium will see and hear the projected image (almost like a hologram) you have in your mind of your mother, describing how she looked, and saying things that she always used to say to you. You’ll feel like your mother is there with you, but it might be more of the memory of her spirit that the Medium is communicating with, and not the spirit of your actual mother. Nevertheless, you might feel like you made contact, and you might find comfort in that communication.

In most cases, if a spirit comes in front and center in a Mediumship reading, you will know it. The Medium will know it. I do not do Mediumship work for a number of reasons, but believe me, I have seen and felt spirits and you just KNOW when they’re there. When they talk, they get the message across loud and clear.

However, there are some circumstances when that’s not the case, and what the Medium might do is read your powerful emotions pertaining to the person. Have you ever noticed that on those Medium shows, the person almost always knows what the Medium is talking about? “Oh yes, yes! That was the ring I left in the car that night 10 years ago. My father gave me that ring!” Well, was that her memory that the Medium was reading, or was the spirit of the father really there, communicating that message? Or, take, for instance, cases where family members decide on certain “passwords” that the deceased loved one will give from the other side. If they’re sitting there thinking about the word “Jumanji” or something, and the Medium is a good telepath, all he or she as to do is read your thoughts, and Voila! You have your confirmation. But do you?

Spirit communication is not easy, and a person who works professionally as a Psychic Medium has a seriously hardcore difficult job to do. They have to find the spirits you’re looking for – and sometimes that’s easy – and they have to act as a grief counselor to clients who are overcome with sorrow over the loss of their loved ones. If someone is a good Psychic Medium, you’ll know it; their reviews will vouch for it. But remember, you are in an incredibly vulnerable position when you go to a Medium.

You’re full of hopes and fears and you’re DESPERATE for proof, for a way to still communicate with them, and for a sign that your loved ones still exist in some way, shape, or form, and that they still care about you and that you will meet them again at some point in time. And the truth is, they do exist. Their souls do live on, and whether you feel like they’re sitting next to you all the time, or you just sense their loving presence every once in a while, there is no separation. The spirit NEVER dies, just the body.

Psychic Mediums aren’t the only ones who can talk to your loved ones for you. You can, too. They can hear you. You don’t want them with you all the time, because they need to do their own thing. But they are living in a dimension that is not comprised of space or time, so they can get to you a lot more quickly than you could ever imagine in this three-dimensional reality. If you want to find out more about communicating with spirit, and learn how to do it yourself, I highly recommend taking a professional program. Consider reading books by Lisa Williams or John Edward.

If you do make an appointment with a Professional Psychic Medium, make sure they come recommended and you like their vibe. Ask them questions you don’t know the answers to. That’s how you’ll get the most truthful validation from your loved ones. The best Psychic Mediums are the kindest, most loving, empathetic, genuinely helpful people in the world, because these people are the bridges between this world and the next, providing hope, peace, solace, and love to those of us who need it. You will know who these people are, and if you go to one, ask them for advice on how you can connect with your loved one when you need to. They’ll be happy to help.

Have you been to a Medium before? What was your experience?