How Can You Tell if Something’s REALLY a Sign?


Last week, while I was leaving Ivan’s preschool, I felt a whoosh! and a rustling of feathers kind of hit the back of my head, and I turned around to see what it was. It was a BIRD! That never happens and of course instantly I thought, this is clearly a sign. With that in mind, I made sure not to monkey with my iphone once I got into the car, which was good, because as I was about to make a u-turn a guy came speeding along seemingly out of nowhere, so I figured the sign was about paying attention and being present, perhaps with some nice angel symbolism thrown in as I’d just had a beautiful angel reiki session from Marketka Novak, a wonderful colleague and angel healer (

A couple of days later, as Ivan and I were leaving together, I felt the same whoosh! and thought…NO WAY.

Yes, way.

It hit the same spot right at the back of my head, and I turned around and looked up to see a bird sitting on the pointed rooftop of a house next to the preschool. He looked at me and I looked at him, and then I blinked, and he was gone. I was delighted to get another sign and texted my friend the minute we got into the car (again making sure to put the phone away before I started driving, because of the last time). She was like OMG that is CLEARLY a sign.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe it was just a crazy bird. I have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, though, and this bird did not look or seem evil. Just playful and humorous.

I had this idea that maybe the bird was hitting other parents’ heads as they exited the preschool too, and it kind of made me laugh a little, so I asked my husband Ryan what he thought about it, and he said, “THAT SAME BIRD HIT MY HEAD THE OTHER DAY TOO!”

So, a sign from the universe turned out to be either a crazy or mischievous bird who decided to fly into the heads of many parents as they walked through the preschool gate. Bummer!

The thing about signs is that they’re all open to interpretation. I can still think of that nutty bird and consider it a sign, or I can just say whatever, it just happened. I love to attribute hummingbird sightings, nice numerical sequences, and the perfect songs coming on at just the right time as signs. It just makes life more fun and interesting. For me, this bird will remain a reminder to never play with my phone while driving. Not that I do a LOT, but it’s out, and at red lights I might read a text or something. Now I put it away where I can’t see it. Maybe he’s warning all the parents to pay attention when they drive. Or, maybe he’s just a mischievous bird and that’s all there is to it.

All I can say about how to tell if something’s REALLY a sign is to ask for more signs to come up, and then they will, and then it’s up to you to interpret them. Think of it this way: when you’re interested in a new car, don’t you tend to see that car more often when you’re driving? Either you attract it, or your just notice it. Seeing that car is more like a sign that you’re bringing it in to your reality. So a similar thing is happening with signs.

Just let me know if you see any birds lining up on playground equipment, breaking through windows, or flying down chimneys in order to attack and kill people, because if that’s the case we have a bigger issue on our hands.