How a Reading I Received Improved My Life


A few weeks ago, I got a reading from Debra Lynne Katz, author of three books on intuitive development and one of my personal mentors and teachers. I knew I needed help with direction in my life, but I just wasn’t quite sure about what to do. Yes, I meditate, study, read, and do intuitive work on myself all the time, but I still get stuck in my own head and my own emotional patterns. That’s when getting professional guidance really comes in handy.

First and foremost, Debra is just wonderful. She’s so sweet, and kind, funny, and down to earth. If you’re interested in learning more about developing your own psychic abilities, I highly recommend buying her books (you’ll refer back to them again and again – see my link to her books on this page) and/or enrolling in her workshops. Because I know her, I had faith that what Debra would tell me in the reading would be accurate and helpful. That’s an important thing to consider in a reading; if you want maximum effectiveness, you should go to someone you trust and believe in; someone whose advice you know you will follow.

Debra told me a number of extremely helpful things, but the one that most directly affected my daily experience was this: she told me to get out and about more, and to travel. I’d been so hung up on working and writing, on being dutiful and careful, that it was really starting to get to me, but I couldn’t see that it would be OK to take a break. I love to travel, but I wasn’t willing to give myself permission to do so. I’d never told Debra how much I love traveling; she picked up on this through her own intuitive abilities, and confirmed for me the fact that my spirit thrives when I’m going to new places and seeing new things. It’s good for me, and it’s good for my work. I knew this on some level, but my habitual mindset made me think that that wasn’t appropriate to leave, that I had to stay here and work constantly in order to produce results. Since that reading, I’ve taken several really fun weekend trips, and I’m going on a longer trip next week. I feel liberated, and wholesome, doing this. I feel more free, and alive; and my work has actually improved as a result.

That may sound pretty simple, but the quality of my daily life over the past few weeks has been better because I followed Debra’s advice. In essence, she gave me the permission I wasn’t willing to grant for myself. That’s the beauty of a good intuitive session, and that’s what I aim to do in my work with clients. The smallest little piece of practical advice can make such a big difference in the level of happiness and satisfaction we experience in our lives.