Here’s the Biggest Secret about Being Psychic.


Want to know the biggest secret about being psychic?

It’s not so much about picking up on extra-sensory information. All you have to do is learn how to quiet your mind down and you’ll totally be in psychic mode.

It’s about being BRAVE.

I’ve been working with a client/student I’ll call Melanie. She knows she’s pretty intuitive, and she wants to do readings for people professionally. A lot of people I work with are really shy when it comes to actually doing a reading on someone. It’s pretty scary to sit there and just tell a complete stranger all these things you see about their life. At first, when you’re just learning, it’s kind of like the equivalent of taking your clothes off in front of an audience and yodeling at the top of your lungs. Pretty embarrassing, right?

Melanie is super smart, kind, and empathic. She’s also driven. When she decides to do something, she just jumps in and does it. I’d arranged for her to “read” someone over Skype. I hand-picked this person because she’s familiar with the process, she loves to get readings, she’s open-minded, and she’s also been my best friend for over 20 years. I didn’t tell Melanie that she was reading my best friend, but I did tell her that her readee was one of the most open-minded subjects in the world, someone who would be totally cool with whatever came up in the session, no matter how off-base or wacky it sounded.

We met over Skype, because it doesn’t matter with energy whether you’re in the same room or on another planet – when you connect, you just connect.

My friend didn’t ask any questions: she just stated her name a few times so Melanie could connect to her energy. It was hard at first for Melanie to trust what she was getting, but I encouraged her to just keep on going and helped with techniques to get the energy flowing so her clairvoyance could work more efficiently. When we got going with that, she first saw a grandmother, a really strong, bold figure, who talked about patterns related to relationships, and that these patterns originated in the family, and that my friend had inherited them, and could easily break the cycle. She talked about pain and blockages in the second and third chakras because of these relationship issues, and we worked on clearing and healing them.

She described changes coming up in my friend’s life, a resolving of issues related to her mother, and peeked into the future, where she saw her at a school – a large, old brick building. Melanie tuned in to my friend’s spirit guides, and described, quite vividly, their attributes, messages they wanted to deliver, and areas in which they could help.

This entire time, my friend didn’t say a thing. I didn’t confirm or deny anything, either, because the point of learning to be psychic is to trust the information you’re getting. Melanie had to just keep talking about what she was seeing and what was coming through, and TRUST that she didn’t sound like a complete idiot who had no idea what she was talking about. Can you imagine how brave you have to be to do that?

But once we were done, my friend gave her feedback, and it turns out one of the biggest things she was thinking about and hoping to get clarity on was related to the relationship patterns in her life, which is exactly what Melanie covered.

The grandmother Melanie had seen was my friend’s grandmother, who had passed away years ago, which was pretty awesome. My friend is also working on healing her relationship with her mother, and thinking of going back to school. The advice from her guides was priceless, and Melanie had confirmed impressions of her guides that my friend had received in the past. All in all, it was an amazing session. We were pretty much blown away.

The thing is, this isn’t uncommon!

When you’re brave and you just go for it, like Melanie did, doors fly open and the most incredible information comes through. We’re just not trained in school to trust that we can really know these things.

But we can.

I guess the ultimate question is, how brave are you? How much do you want to know? How much power over your own life do you want to have? We all posses the ability to be psychic – you just have to put forth the effort, trust that what you’re getting has meaning, and just go with it!