Here’s How Being Psychic Works.


Because I learned how to be psychic and do sessions for others as an adult, I’m still delighted and thrilled when I get psychic hits, vibes, and hunches that help me out in my everyday life. Being psychic isn’t like having all the answers all at once – it’s like getting little clues here and there, and little wonderings, and feelings, and then finding out that there’s validity to them.

Last Monday, I got up early to get to a Pilates class. I thought I’d get gas afterward. As I drove down the street, I turned the corner onto the street where my husband Ryan had parked his car the night before and I had this thought: “He’s going to get a ticket.” I hadn’t even looked at the street sign, but I did, and it was no parking from 8am-10am Mondays. OK, so I wanted to go to Pilates and wouldn’t be home til 8:15, plus I wanted to get gas (I’m sorry, but with a 2 year old, you have to plan these things). I didn’t have my phone with me to call Ryan and plus he couldn’t move the car because he was home with Ivan and I had the car seat in my car. All these thoughts are hitting me at once as I’m driving. I decided to just go to class and leave early, skipping the gas. 

But it didn’t feel right. I got to the gym, and there was a great big mess with the parking. The machine was broken and wouldn’t validate so everyone would have to wait in line and get all approved and stuff just to EXIT the gym. I was beyond frustrated, so I just turned around and left. Got gas on the way home, and told Ryan to move his car, which he did. I decided to jog in the park instead to blow off steam. 

On the way back from the park, I passed the place where Ryan’s car had been. It was 8:10ish and there was already a huge truck parked there, a big orange cone, a huge pile of branches on the ground, and a man up in a tree and one down below – they were trimming the trees!! If Ryan’s car had been there, it would definitely gotten a ticket – probably at 7:58am. It’s not like getting a ticket is the worst thing in the world, but if you can avoid it, why wouldn’t you? I just wish I’d listened to my feeling about just not going to the gym at all! 

But that’s how being psychic works. Sometimes you just have to test things out, to see how they’ll go. You won’t know if you were right or wrong til you try. And, honestly, there really is no “right” or “wrong.” Just go with it, see how you feel, notice what’s going on around you, and you’ll find yourself being psychic more often than you’d ever believe!

Say Readers...

  • Laura Willow   

    I love your blog and I would love to have my aura read! I just got back from lunch, am I too late?

  • Krishanti   

    Hi Laura! Thank you! We will read your aura and I'll send you an email! 🙂