I was at my parents’ house this weekend and had trouble sleeping Saturday night, so I took some passionflower. I still had an awful time falling back asleep, and when I did, I had a lot of stress-related dreams. I hate that!!! One of the dreams was that my dad was home, but he wasn’t home. I was worried sick in the dream because it felt almost like he’d passed away, but he really hadn’t, he was home, and I kept trying to tell everyone that.

The next day, he was on the sofa watching the game, curled up under a blanket, which is not like him. The girls and I went out to brunch and when we came home, Dad still didn’t look well, and he went upstairs to take a nap, and he was gone for a couple of hours, which is also rare because his naps are usually just an hour long. So, essentially, he was home, but not home. It turns out he was experiencing high blood pressure and the vertigo that had him in the hospital in January. He took some pills and he’s all better now, but it worried me to no end to see him feeling like that.

I wanted to try and do a healing on him, but he so didn’t want anyone to worry or pay attention to his not feeling well, so I didn’t try. I didn’t even attempt to heal him remotely when I got home, because it felt like an invasion of privacy.

The way I feel about healings is that if you’re prompted, like energetically, in a daydream or meditation, you can go ahead and do it. Of course, if the person asks you to, you can do it, too. But if the person doesn’t want it, it’s not your business to invade their privacy. In this case, unless my dad seemed receptive, I’d be healing him out of my own need to have him be healthy, which is egotistical and selfish.

Does that make sense? We have to be very careful about the needs and desires of others when we get into this energetic, psychic, intuitive, healing work, and we have to engage in things with the absolute highest level of integrity. Now, can I send my dad thoughts of love? Yes, definitely, and I do. But I won’t try to heal him unless he asks, on an energetic or physical level.

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    I've always wondered about that- boundaries around healing other people. One of my teachers said once that you can't, for example, put a grounding cord on someone who hasn't given you permission, but you can put one on the room or building (or hospital bed) that they're in. If they feel an energetic shift on a subconscious level and want to participate they will, without even knowing what a grounding cord is.