Hate Your Cellulite? Try this Energy Healing Technique.


I taught a workshop in January on how to lose weight, stay in shape, and heal your body with energy work. It was a great teleseminar, and we covered tons of techniques to employ on a regular basis that help with keeping pounds off while shaping, molding, and sculpting your body. I’m starting to employ these techniques into my fitness routine more often, and I’m noticing a difference, not only in how I look and feel, but in how motivated I am to exercise and keep myself in shape. I also teamed up with my teacher and friend Debra Lynne Katz to launch a 12-week program called the Total Body Transformation Bootcamp, which we’re officially launching on Friday, April 11th.

When it comes to energy work, people talk a lot about healing physical pain and emotional wounds, but there isn’t a ton of focus on the more “vanity” related side of things. It’s not like energy work can ONLY heal psychological traumas and deep emotional wounds along with their physical manifestations. It can work with simple things, too. Like getting rid of cellulite. I mean, why not?

With that in mind, here’s an easy technique I developed recently that I call Energetic Liposuction:

Center yourself in your third eye at the center of your forehead. You can do this exercise sitting down, lying down, walking, riding the elliptical trainer or stairmaster, or doing squats.

Imagine that your root chakra, at the base of your spine, is connected to the core of the earth by a powerful, bright, shining column of light. This is your grounding cord, and it keeps you strong and centered, anchored to the earth in your physical body.

Next, visualize powerful beams of light plugging into your body’s “cellulite problem zones.” Plant these beams of light deep into the earth. Don’t worry about creating too many. Go with what works for you.

Focus on your body, and on these beams of light, and make an intention to lovingly release the cellulite that’s been glomming on to you. Direct love to all parts of your body, and acknowledge that you are a beautiful, perfect manifestation of the divine.

Let the gravity of the earth start sucking the cellulite out of your body. See large fat cells fall down the columns of light into the earth. Watch as the earth absorbs this cellulite, which is actually good for the planet, as there is an oil crisis and all. 🙂

Notice how happy your cellulite is to be released from you, to serve a higher purpose by giving itself to the energy of the planet. Notice how firm and toned your body is becoming as this cellulite drains away.

Again, intend that you’re loving releasing fat that you no longer need.

Continue with this process for as long as you can maintain a focus. Try to be light and happy about it. It’s cost-free, pain-free lipo, after all! How awesome is that?

If you can do this meditation on a regular basis, you should see results. Let me know how it goes, please!!!

And if you’d ready to make a serious change to your body, both physically and mentally, join us for the Total Body Transformation Boot Camp, launching Friday, April 11th and running once a week for 12 weeks, with weekly teleconference calls Fridays from 12pm-1pm PST. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group just for members of the program.

Join the boot camp, and we’ll work with you to create a new blueprint for your physical body, which will affect your life in ways you can’t even imagine – and won’t occur to you until you go through the program! The techniques we’ll be utilizing will help you dissolve blocks to creativity, joy, and healing: you’ll find a renewed sense of motivation, and will ultimately have a better relationship with your body than ever before. For more information, click here!