Gypsy Queen


I found this image at Grosvenor Prints. Here is the description:
Margaret Finch, Queen of the Gypsies at Norwood.
Drawn from the Life by Ino. Straeke 1739. Engrav’d by Hen. Roberts 1742.

The Norwood gypsies lived in the area now known as Gypsy Hill. So famous were they that a pantomime called ‘The Norwood Gypsies’ was staged in Covent Garden in 1777. The most famous of the gypsies was Margaret Finch [d.1740]. A report published a few years after her death states that the ‘oddness of her figure and ye fame of her fortune-telling drew a vast concourse of spectators from ye highest rank of quality, even to those of ye lower class of life’. She lived in a conical hut built of branches, at the base of an ancient tree, and it was there that great numbers of people visited her.
[Ref: 5760] £160.00

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