One of the first things you need to learn to be an effective psychic is to ground yourself. In fact, the word “grounded” is sneaking more and more into common parlance these days. I notice people commenting on how others are “grounded” and how they do or don’t feel “grounded” right now.

What is being grounded? Well, it’s kind of just being chill and relaxed, to be honest. It’s being centered in your body, and connected to the earth. Not being “out there” and “floaty” and stuff. It feels good to be grounded. You feel like you’re in the here and now, like you’re generally OK.

I didn’t realize this before, but being a sensitive type, I get ungrounded pretty easily. I get swept up in other people’s energies and get carried away by things. Overwhelmed. Here’s how I was trained to ground myself in a meditative way:

Take a few deep breaths, and let them out slowly. Imagine your root chakra, spinning at the base of your spine. Imagine that you have a thick, hollow cord, or hollow tree trunk, or whatever suits your fancy, running from your root chakra all the way down the hot molten lava core of the earth. This is your grounding cord. It’s indestructible. Now imagine all the icky energy that’s bothering you is leaving your body and falling down the grounding cord into the center of the earth. Watch the energy just leave your body. If you want, imagine a great big huge bowling ball of negative energy, or energy that isn’t yours, just falling away from you, leaving your body, plummeting down your grounding cord into the center of the earth, where it’s completely destroyed, burned up, dissolved, or if you want to imagine it, recycled and renewed by Mother Earth for other purposes, like when you put manure on a lawn to make the grass grow. Try not to think about manure, or how bad it smells on a lawn. Go back to seeing the energy leaving your body.

That’s a basic clairvoyant technique of grounding, in a nutshell. It really works! More on grounding next time.