Grounding – Part 2


Sometimes you just can’t sit still and try to meditate to get grounded – there’s just too much going on. I had an experience like that yesterday at the DMV. Psychic or not, I wasn’t expecting to have to take a new photo, because the person I spoke to on the phone just before I went down there told me I didn’t have to. So I was shocked when the angry and grumpy lady behind counter #2 (who already flustered me because she was in such a bad mood I could literally feel it, too) told me to go get in line for a picture. I looked like hell – I’d decided to run to the DMV before the gym, so I didn’t have makeup on and my hair was just thrown back in a ponytail. Now, I don’t let anyone take a picture of me unless I’m looking somewhat decent. And, in my book, decent hair and makeup are an absolute MUST for a picture I’m going to have to tote around in my wallet for years to come. I fought back tears and stood in line with the hundred other people there and waited for my mugshot. After it was taken, and I’m convinced I will look like hell, I went out to my car, turned the engine on, and was so flustered that I drove out of the entrance driveway. Smart move to make on the DMV lot, but at least I didn’t get pulled over for it.

To say I felt ungrounded was an understatement. I was already tired that morning, and now I was pissed off, dejected, irritated, and grumpy, to boot. It was awful. And so I turned the cd player on as loud as I could and listened to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” which is what I’m into right now. I then called a friend and told her the whole story. Just bitching about it to someone made me feel better. After that, I went to the gym and did a good cardio circuit. And guess what? That, for me, was grounding! It’s as simple as that.

Other easy ways you can ground yourself are by exercising, screaming into a pillow if you’re really angry, eating something good, taking a few deep breaths, or leaving the scene to take a walk around the block. Honestly, just doing whatever you need to do to feel better in that moment will work. Don’t stuff your feelings away or pretend they aren’t there…experience them, live them, and then do something that makes you feel like yourself again.

It may not sound profound, but grounding yourself is integral to feeling OK, and feeling OK is integral to working with your intuitive and psychic energies. Now, had I stopped for a second before even going to the DMV and checked in with my psychic side, I might have been better able to prepare myself for this whole incident. I could have thought – let me go to the gym FIRST, then come home and shower and do my hair and get dressed and put on makeup, because you never know who you’ll run into…but I didn’t. And I guess that’s the breaks: to err is human, psychic or not.

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  • K.   

    Thanks. DMV. Ugh!

    I think if the new job is getting you $$$ it's not so much a waste of time…though it could have some irritating aspects and not be a long-term thing – but OK for now, however long now may be.