Grounding, Grounding…Grounded!


Being grounded probably comes naturally to this monkey, who lives wholly in the present moment of the earth and most likely doesn’t get caught up in thinking about the past, wondering about other ideas and people and places and movies and books and news in the present, or worrying about all kinds of things that may or may not happen in the future.

OK. The last few posts have been about me babbling on about my mundane life. I want to get back to psychic/intuitive basics and since GROUNDING is the first, here, again, is the little list of ways to get grounded:

…create a grounding cord in your imagination running from the base of your spine down into the center of the earth. Visualize the energy you don’t want leaving your body and falling down into the molten core hot lava burning hot center of the planet, where it is completely destroyed and re-generated or re-cycled by the earth for other things. I learned to do this technique from Debra Katz, one of the BEST psychic teachers in the universe.

…go dig around in the earth, or mud. Or put your hands into a pot of soil and just feel the earth around your fingers. Breathe it in. Sonia Choquette, one of my favorite intuitives, teaches this technique.

Sonia also says other ways to ground yourself are to:

…grab your keys and just hold them in your hand.
…bake some bread or cookies or something. If baking bread, knead your hands into the dough.
…go do some gardening.
…get some exercise.

I do all these things, and I also

…pet my cats, or brush them
…take a nice sea salt bath with essential oils
…do my nails or get my nails done, do a facial and a clay masque
…listen to music I like and sing really loud in my car

So that’s that.