Get out of Your Own Way and Let Good things into Your Life!


Remember the uber-confident guy in told you about in this recent story who just got engaged to a woman who’s seemingly out of his league? Well, as is often the case, there’s always another side to the story…

Even though this “odd duck” of a guy totally scored with a smart, talented, beautiful, professional woman who’s really into him, he’s still looking for flaws and complaining about what he perceives as her “shortcomings.”

All of his friends agree his sense of humor can be inappropriate and often leaves people feeling very uncomfortable, friends and innocent bystanders alike. When his fiancee, who loves him, points this out – he complains to friends that she doesn’t understand his sense of humor.

They are both from the same place and share the same cultural background, but have a different religion. The only way he would consider marrying her is if she agreed to convert his religion, to which she agreed, but he was still reluctant to propose and even delayed introducing her to his parents for a loooooong time.

He obsessively evaluated her, searching for some flaw in her sincerity, some self-serving reasons motivating her interest in him beyond her (obvious) romantic and loving feelings for him.

Fortunately, he had enough presence of mind to get out of his own way and put a ring on her finger.

But how many people allow their petty concerns to overwhelm their better judgment? How many people, regardless of how smart, confident or self-assured they might be, turn their back on potentially great things because they’re too hung up on their own insecurities?

It’s hard, especially when it comes to love, to surrender and trust that the other person has your best interest at heart. But when you keep a wall up for too long, you can close yourself off to great things. So many people continue to suffer from pain inflicted by family drama, things that happened aeons ago, and a myriad of other painful memories that they’re essentially keeping themselves imprisoned in fear and sorrow. 

Letting go and just relaxing can actually open the door to wonderful things.It may be super difficult, but try to practice letting your guard down…and let yourself be surprised. You never know what good things might come of it!