Get Him Off Your Mind: Special Workshop Sunday, November 3, 2013, 11am-1:30pm PST


Introducing the BRAND NEW Get Him off Your Mind Workshop.
Have you fallen into the same trap that’s ensnared countless women worldwide? 
Are you stuck on a mental and emotional merry-go-round, wasting your life away constantly wondering, worrying and obsessing about Him?
Your confidence? Crushed. Your self-esteem? Laughable. Your outlook for new love in the future? Nonexistent.  
But It Doesn’t Have to be This Way!
Countless women, just like you, have escaped the same cycle (trust me: I’ve met thousands of them). You just need the right tools, support and guidance.
Their stories were the inspiration that led me to create the GET HIM OFF YOUR MIND IN 28 DAYS program, currently available through It’s the comprehensive guide to ending your ex obsession, regaining your power, reclaiming your life, and finally getting over HIM!
            “I am on Day 17 and your course has changed my life! Thank you.”
“I really love this course – the readings, the mediations, the discussions all of it!  After only 11 days, I’m feeling better than before I got ever involved with the guy.  It’s so empowering.  I can feel the energy returning to me and away from him.” 
– Barbara
28 Life Healing Lessons in One Powerful Online Event.

I’ve condensed the essence of these 28 daily lessons and packed them into an intensive 2.5 hour GET HIM OFF YOUR MIND webinar. At this life-shifting, spiritually healing event, you’ll gather with other women battling to overcome the same heartbreaking burden dragging you down, as well as women who’ve completed the program and are seeking greater levels of healing and restoration. 
“Your 28 day course is changing my life, truly deeply changing.Thank you!”
            – Debra W.
“This course was a life saver for me. I have tried everything…and nothing seemed to work. As a last-ditch effort I tried your course…and it changed everything!”
– Rebecca
Join me November 3, 2013: click here to register!
Are you…
  • Struggling to make peace with a recent break up?
  • Feeling hopeful about the future after a break up, but not sure how to move on?
  • Pining for a man you never actually had a relationship with?
  • Dazed and confused over a potential relationship that never quite happened?
  • Obsessed with Him (the guy that broke your heart)?
  • Having an affair that’s going nowhere?
  • In a situation that isn’t healthy for you?
  • Single and desperately hoping to find someone?
  • In a committed relationship but still thinking about Him (the other guy)?
  • Feeling like you’ve missed your only chance at true love?
  • Afraid you’ll never meet the right man for you?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, the GET HIM OFF YOUR MIND Webinar is exactly what you need!
“I wound up running into Him at a concert on day 28!  He offered up his seat information “If I wanted to hang out.”  6 months ago I would have done it with no question. This time…I stayed put right where I was without a second thought.  And it’s all due to your course!  I plan to do it again…so many people with all kinds of obsessive thoughts could benefit from this.  Thanks for what you do!”
– Denise
“Thanks so much.  The course was a miracle.”
– Kelly
Join Me Sunday, November 3rd – click here to register!
In this live, 2.5 Hour GET HIM OFF YOUR MIND webinar event, I will help you:
  • Find more peace than you may have felt in years.
  • Understand why you’ve been obsessed and continued to struggle for so long
  • Discover the genuinesource of obsession plaguing your life
  • Get in the space to have a REAL and fulfilling relationship
  • Reclaim your power, your sanity and your life
  • Put your attention on yourself start and living the life you have been neglecting
  • Rediscover more happiness and satisfaction with who you are and what your life is all about
  • Heal in a safe, supportive environment with like-minded spiritually oriented people
If you genuinely want to get Him off your mind (and keep Him off your mind) this is truly a can’t-miss event!

Date: Sunday, November 3, 2013
Time: 11am to 2pm
Place: Online
Price: $65