Whenever I feel bad vibes or glum in general, laughter raises my energy immediately. Here’s a funny clip from a great Aussie show called Summer Heights High that always cracks me up. Chris Lilley, the male actor who plays catty high school girl Ja’mie King, just tickles my funny bone.

You might think this all has nothing to do with intuition and being psychic, but it does! Think about it: how can you loosen up or have any fun in life if you don’t find things that amuse you and make you giggle? And once you get into all this psychic stuff, you’ll find there’s a lot of humor to it; for as much as it can be different, mind-boggling, and amazing, it can also be really fun, nice, light, easy, and bright.
So whenever I see videos I think are funny, I’m going to post them here, just for the hell of it.

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