Free Up Your Time and Energy with this Two-Word Mantra.


Time suckers, attention stealers, and energy vampires are everywhere these days. It can be hard to keep your energy fresh and clean and vibrant when you’re surrounded by distractions like spam emails, in-your-face billboards, unsolicited phone calls, irritating people, etc. etc. etc.

If you live in a place like I do, this is pretty much on the uber high-end, so I’ve had to learn how to tune things out. Yet I still have a hard time, especially on trash days, when no less than 10 dump trucks careen up and down my street, rattling windows and setting off car alarms and causing major traffic jams in which cars honk and people not only shout obscenities, but literally scream with rage. For reals. When I’m feeling extra spiritual I am very, very grateful that we have services to remove our trash. But I am human and I do have hormones, and on some days that is not so easy.

Dump trucks aside, today when I opened my email and read yet another message from someone whose newsletter I subscribed to, but am seriously annoyed by because I get a total creepy vibe from him, a nice little two-word mantra popped into my head:


I have ZERO TOLERANCE for this creepy man and his creepy emails, and I unsubscribed from the list ASAP instead of just deleting the message whatever whatever because maybe one day there will be a good email and he is considered a leader in his field after all.

It’s OK to have ZERO TOLERANCE. In fact, it can be good for you. It can foster peace of mind and help you to be strong and to stay true to yourself.

Why tolerate yucky stuff in your life that makes you feel bad?

At work, you can have ZERO TOLERANCE for Negative Nelly and Bossy Brian. Tune them out, turn them off, avoid, avoid, avoid. If your workplace is teeming with people who annoy you, have ZERO TOLERANCE for that and get a new job! Toxic workplaces will kill you, no joke.

At home, you can have ZERO TOLERANCE for back talk from your kids, for example. At age 3, Ivan is learning how to be sassy and say naughty things. No, we do not call our parents Poopy Butts. That is rude and unacceptable. Time out! ZERO TOLERANCE.

In your life in general, you are allowed to have ZERO TOLERANCE for things that frustrate you.

It’s OK!

Stop letting things slide. If you’re tired of the way things look in your house, or of accepting a certain situation even though you know in your heart and soul it’s wrong for you and not serving your highest possible good, it’s GOOD FOR YOU to have ZERO TOLERANCE!

Listen to your intuition, and pay attention to the things that annoy you or cause your vibration to sink to a level you’re not comfortable with. Keep your energy clean and clear and high, and create good things for yourself. Adopting a ZERO TOLERANCE policy will help!