Evolution, Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Lizard People


A few years ago, I led a past lives workshop where I regressed participants, through hypnosis and guided meditations, to view their previous incarnations.

After each regression I asked the attendees to share what they experienced. What tends to happen is that people don’t get a whole lot the first time they go in, but more is revealed during the second and third regression. Sometimes it’s the same life, and sometimes it’s completely different lifetimes. People will see snippets of things – the interior of a room, the description of garments or shoes, or a feeling of being somewhere else – and sometimes they’ll get this whole incredible big picture.

Some interesting things came up after the first regression – one of the students distinctly felt herself as a cat in the 1920s – but what was really fascinating to me was an experience this Indian guy had after the third regression. He said that this time, he decided to go WAY back, all the way back to the beginning. So that was his intention that he set before going in. And then the next thing you know, he said, he was in a spaceship hurtling towards the earth. And he was a lizardy person. And all the other beings on the ship were lizard people too.

The minute he mentioned the space ship, another participant gasped. She had been in a lifetime as a cowboy, just sauntering along or whatever, and all of a sudden she felt herself pulled into another time, and she, too, was a lizard person in a spaceship.

The reason this experience was so fascinating to me was that I had a past life regression once, and towards the end, the hypnotherapist regressed me way back, and I was in a spaceship. She had me hold up a mirror to look at myself and I gasped, because the reflection showed a reptilian type of creature.

I don’t consider myself to be a lizard, and in fact I’m more human, full of human emotions and ego-driven motives, than I’d like to be.

Now, I’m clearly no expert in evolution (other than the whole big bang theory, primordial soup thing, dinosaurs, Lucy, etc etc stuff we learned about in grade school), nor am I big on alien conspiracies. I don’t even want to go there, because what you put your attention on tends to manifest itself, and I don’t want to get into attracting any aliens right now. Maybe I will when I’m 80 or something, but for now I’m just happy with regular old earth life (and the high-level, love and light-related ascended masters, guides and beings that come through in sessions). I do think, however, that it would be very strange if aliens did not exist, because consider the enormity of the universe. Thinking we are the only intelligent life force in existence is akin to thinking that the earth is flat.

Over the years, I’ve heard people talk about lizards, and lizard people, and I know there are theories that there are people on earth who are really aliens and who are in fact lizards and not really human at all.

Isn’t it interesting that these two isolated cases both described a spaceship traveling towards the earth? I’m not committing to the idea that it’s irrefutably true, because honestly what do I know, but I think it’s just fascinating.

What do you think?